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Celebrated punk rock heroes, Alkaline Trio have announced the release of their forthcoming album, This Addiction, on February 23 via Epitaph Records/Heart & Skull. Recorded and produced by the band with help from longtime cohort Matt Allison at Atlas Studios in Chicago, This Addiction marks Alkaline Trio’s first release on their imprint label Heart & Skull and first with their parent label Epitaph Records.

The album also finds the Trio revisiting their punk roots while moving forward creatively.

“This record is a rock record but our punk rock upbringing definitely shines through, more so than our last few records,” singer/guitarist Matt Skiba recently told “The vibe is similar to our humble beginnings. It’s a step forward but I also think it has glimmers of our past in it.”

Beginning January 5, fans can visit where they will have the opportunity to stream the title track and first single “This Addiction,” in exchange for a Twitter or Facebook posting. A metaphoric crowd pleaser, “This Addiction” is “about a relationship gone bad and, for some reason, you just can’t quit it,” Skiba told The single is also currently available for sale on iTunes and at other digital retailers.


Madonna to take rap/rock direction on her next album

Madonna is working with both rap producer A-Trak and rock producer Brendan O’Brien – who has previously worked with Pearl Jam - and attempting to merge the two genres on the follow up to her hip-hop influenced 2008 LP, 'Hard Candy’.

A-Trak, real name Alain Macklovitch, told the Daily Star newspaper: 'It’s my production, turned into song structure – halfway between rap and electronic and whatever else I listen to.'

Madonna, 51, is said to be set on making a track to match the success of Run DMC’s groundbreaking 80s hit 'Walk This Way’, which defined the rap/rock genre – and went on to spawn acts such as Korn, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock in the 90s.

Madonna has a long history of working with hip-hop producers, including Pharrell Williams and Timbaland on 'Hard Candy’, but she is also keen to play up a more guitar-heavy sound after spending time mastering the instrument and insiders say she’s working on perfecting a balance between the two.

The resulting album could be released this year, should be interesting.....


Ronnie James Dio thanks fans for support

Ronnie James Dio has issued the following statement thanking fans for their support:

"Happy holidays everyone, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for the most wonderful gifts I have ever received. The list includes your good wishes, your prayers, your support, your tears and laughter, your anger and rejoicing, and most of all the unwavering love you've bestowed upon me.

"I guess I've always felt that we were one person and that you've allowed me to be our spokesman, but until this time of my greatest peril the truth was perhaps slightly hidden. It is hidden no more. Together we shall face the foe and live on to climb higher mountains and explore greater magic. Together we cannot fail. Please accept my never ending love and dedication to you all.

"So it is written, and so it shall be."


MGMT, John Frusciante On New David Bowie Tribute Album

There were rumors floating around that acts like Radiohead would be performing on the upcoming David Bowie tribute album, but that's now been unveiled as false information as the tracklisting for the disc has been released.

A post on Duran Duran's official website states the band has recorded a cover of Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging" for Manimal Vinyl's tribute record. Other artists that are scheduled to appear on the album include MGMT, Carla Bruni, Chairlift, Lights and John Frusciante.

MGMT's track has yet to be revealed but the tracklisting can be seen below. The release is scheduled to be available in May 2010 and 100 per cent of the net profits will go to War Child UK.

Full tracklisting for tribute album (not in particular order):

Exitmusic - "Space Oddity"
Vivian Girls - "John, I’m Only Dancing"
Megapuss, aka Devendra Banhart - "Sound + Vision"
Carla Bruni - "Absolute Beginners"
Lights - "World Falls Down"
VOICEsVOICEs - "Heroes"
Duran Duran - "Boys Keep Swinging"
Charlift - "Always Crashing in the Same Car"
Aska w/ Moon & Moon - "African Night Flight"
A Place To Bury Strangers - "Suffragette City"
The Polyamorous Affair - "Theme From Cat People"
Keren Ann - "Life on Mars"
Swahili Blonde feat. John Frusciante - "Red Money"
Marco Benevento - "Art Decade"
Corridor - "Be My Wife"
Aquaserge - "The Superman"
Warpaint - "Ashes to Ashes"
Rainbow Arabia - "Quicksand"
We Are The World - "Afraid of Americans"
Laco$te - "Within You"
Ariana Delawari - "Ziggy Stardust"
Pizza! - "Modern Love"
St Clair Board - "Secret Life of Arabia"
Caroline Weeks - "Starman"
Amanda Jo Williams - "The Man Who Sold the World"
Mick Karn - "Ashes to Ashes"
Soulwax - "TBA"


Iron Maiden May Not Release New Album Until 2011

On January 1, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain told Eddie Trunk — co-host of the VH1 Classic television program "That Metal Show" who has a long-running radio show, "Friday Night Rocks", on New York's Q104.3 FM — that the band will enter the studio in a couple weeks to start work on a new CD. According to Trunk, Nicko "said there was about eight songs written so far so the band would probably need to come up with a few more new songs while recording. [He added that] the material was a little different than past albums and they were taking their time with the recording schedule." McBrain also stated that the "new CD probably won't come out until 2011," according to Trunk.

Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers revealed to BBC News in November that the band was on its way "to Paris for three weeks to work on some new stuff." He added, "The most important thing for a band is to create new music, otherwise you're not valid — you become a parody."

Iron Maiden will headline this year's edition of the UK's Sonisphere festival, which will be held Saturday, July 31, 2010 and Sunday, August 1, 2010 at Knebworth.

Maiden became the first outfit in history to travel round the world in a customized jet during their "Somewhere Back In Time" tour, as detailed in award-winning movie "Flight 666".


Pavement Announces 'Quarantine the Past' Best-Of Album

Pavement is one of the latest bands to capitalize on the ‘90s reunion bandwagon trend. The slew of live dates announced by the band have been selling out fast, and now the inevitable "best-of" album is set to follow.

Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement will be released by Matador on March 9, and will be available as a mid-priced double LP, CD and digital release. No unreleased material is included on the record, but songs spanning 1989-1999 will feature, and Matador is re-releasing the band’s back catalog on low priced vinyl to coincide.

The track listing for Quarantine the Past hasn’t been announced yet—and for good reason. Matador is running a competition to guess the 23 tracks that will be included, and has various prizes on offer, including tickets to see Pavement, complete with flights and hotel rooms, at Central Park in New York in September.


Nada Surf Readies Covers Album, Sets Spring Tour

Never shy to take on songs by other artists, Nada Surf will release a full album of cover songs this spring. In support of the 12-song disc, titled 'If I Had a Hi-Fi' and boasting takes on tunes by Kate Bush, Dwight Twilley, the Go-Betweens and Depeche Mode, the group will launch two-month tour of North America and Europe on Mar. 25 in New York.

"We really just wanted to do it organically," frontman Matthew Caws said in a release. "Whatever we felt like covering in the moment, rather than trying to sum up our influences or something. It's whatever we were excited about in the months before making it. And I think we got everything we wanted to."

"The material came together spontaneously," Caws added of the disc, which was recorded last September at Resonate Studios in Austin, Texas. "We'd get together and kick ideas around and soon we had an A list, a B list, a C list." As for the finished product, fans who attend the group's shows will have first crack at owning 'If I Had a Hi-Fi,' which also features renditions of songs by the Moody Blues, the Soft Pack, Mecromina, Bill Fox and Arthur Russell, among others.

The trek gets underway with a series of special NYC gigs, which will see the band perform its three most recent original albums, 'Let Go,' 'The Weight Is A Gift,' and 'Lucky' in their entirety, before it starts globe-hopping.


Chrissie Hynde Promises 'Incredible' Solo Album

Chrissie Hynde is making some big promises these days as the Pretenders frontwoman says she is working on her "best solo album to date." Speaking to the UK's Daily Star, the 58-year old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer asserted, "This record is going to be incredible."

"I'm working very closely with producer JP Jones, who is such an inspiration for me," she says.

Hynde, who recently collaborated with the Kinks' Ray Davies, her former flame, on the Christmas single 'Postcards From London,' hopes to have the project out in 2010 but says she's not rushing it. "There's no time limit so it'll be out when I feel ready, hopefully sometime this year, though," she said.

Earlier this year, Hynde's friend, actress and singer Sandra Bernhard told Spinner about Hynde's solo effort.
"I was just in London performing [and] I got to hang out with her quite a bit," Bernhard said in July. "She got together with [JP Jones] and wrote this album in a week, and recorded it on Garage Band. I don't know what they're going to do with it but it's just the most amazing album. So, I'm saying, 'Please get it out, Chrissie. It's beautiful.'"

The Pretenders -- who celebrated their 30th anniversary last year -- released their ninth studio album, 'Break Up the Concrete,' in October 2008.


Sir Paul Guests As Bass Player

Paul McCartney is playing bass on one track of Fran Healy's upcoming album. Healy is a member of the British group Travis.

The singer wrote on his blog, "One of the biggest coups was getting Paul McCartney to play bass on a song. I'm not sure what non-McCartney songs he's played bass on but I couldn't think of many. Anyways his bassline is brilliant."

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