Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vinyl Stories

New Music Store Is Spinning With Vinyl Records Reporting

Ron Matz

CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) - If you're a fan of the LP, the long playing record, you have some reason to celebrate. A new store in Baltimore has opened and is selling only vinyl.

Ron Matz reports on a new trend in the music industry which seems to be going back to the future.

On Frederick Road, the music spins on the turntable at Trax on Wax, a music store where vinyl has become cool again.

Gary Gebler is the brainchild and owner of Trax on Wax.

"People bring me their albums. I put it on CD for them and charge a minimal fee, especially the older generation. I've had people bring in hundreds of albums that I've burned for them. And they just love it, makes them feel like a kid again," said Gebler.

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Shepshed man reflects on passion for vinyl

DEREK Whittingtons home in Shepshed looks like any other three-bedroomed terrace from the outside.

But open the front door and you find yourself inside a treasure trove, a real music lovers fantasy, for the 58-year-old owns more than 18,000 records.

Reluctant to call himself a collector, Mr Whittington, has had a keen interest in music ever since he was bought his first LP for his fifth birthday.

I quickly discovered I loved music, he said. I would listen to my transistor portable radio and when other kids were out on their bikes and my father was at work I was quite happy to play my records on his radiogram.

The first record I bought was a 45 seven inch Rolling Stones single in 1960. I like all kinds of music, if I sit down and have a listening session I play rock, jazz, classical and drum and bass all in the one session.

Quite a lot of current releases, particularly if the record companies are sure they are going to be a success, do a vinyl release for a short period of time. I have got a collection of CDs, I probably have about 5,000 mainly from when I couldnt buy them on record.

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