Monday, April 19, 2010

No More CollectingVinylRecords Blog?


Well I am back online and the move was a tough one, we still have lots to do around the new house.  But, 5 acres in the country sure beats living in the city and we are very happy with the move.

I am not sure if anyone else uses Blogger, but they are discontinuing the FTP publishing process (which I use) and ask that we (those who use Blogger) migrate to a new format.  That is where the trouble is for me.  I have watched the YouTube videos to start the process, but when I hit the 'start migration' button in my dashboard, I do not get the button to click on to start the migration or even backup the blog.  I have contacted Blogger, but have had no results.  So, what does this mean?

I am afraid that without the opportunity to migrate my blog into their new system, as of May 1st 2010, this blog will cease to exist.  This is very frustrating and very sad for me, as I have tried to keep the blog updated with interesting news and features on a daily basis for over two years.  It is a shame that all this information will be lost, but this is beyond my control.

 I will keep trying to correct the problem, but when no one answers emails at Blogger and does not explain how to fix the problem, we are left with this result - no more blog.  I may decide to use a different format (maybe wordpress), but I am very discouraged by this whole mess and am debating on whether to continue.......

Best Regards,


William said...

Please Please Please... I hope you can switch to a format you are happy with-- it was a rough few days when you were only away for vacation...I can't imagine..absolutely love what you do

Robert Benson said...

Hi William,

You made my day, thank you for the kind words! I have actually heard from Blogger today and they are working hard to resolve the problem, so hopefully I can continue the blog!

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this blog very much. I hope you will find a way to migrate everything or maybe just use another format. I'm sure there are free blogs available elsewhere. If you decide to stop, than I enjoyed what you did very much and I learned a lot of stuff here. Cheers and happy 4/20!

MyVintageGeneration said...

Ugh -- I've been following your blog for the past year or two & love it. Fun, informative, & passionate!

I hope you'll be able to move over to another platform.
Please let us know & good luck!

Carl Sampson said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this site I find it very informative and enjoyable. I hope you can resolve the issues with the new Blogger format.

Michael said...

I just discovered vinyl and discovered this blog! I'm slowly going back in the archives daily and only got back a few month! I've been touting this blog on this week and hope that this highly informative and entertaining blog continues! Good luck with the server search!


Shawn said...

Oh THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, dude! In a totally hetero kind of way of course....

Robert Benson said...

Thanks to all for your great comments, they are sincerely appreciated and makes all my hard work worthwhile.

I have heard from Blogger and they are working to resolve the issue. Problem is that May 1st (the date the FTP publishing stops) is approaching very quickly, I hope that I can continue and pick up where I left off.

Additionally, I have been thinking of ways to improve the blog, I would love to hear some of your suggestions - what do you want to see here? More album cover art? More stories about record stores?

Email your suggestions to my new email address

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


brett wiltshire said...

hey folks, i work at blogger. we're here to help :-)

to the blog owner here- i just followed up with you in the FTP issue tracker. let's resolve this over there:

to everyone else- no worries, we'll be able to make sure this blog stays up past May 1st :-)

d.edlen said...


Updated your email in my newsletter list. Glad you got to move to a rural location, I know you were bummed you had to be in the city for awhile.

As far as the blog, why not just use the web interface for the posts instead of FTPing?