Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top 5 eBay Vinyl Record Sales - Week Ending 07/19/2010

Northern Soul makes its return to the Top of the list, though at $2k less than the last sale of this Walter Wilson record in December of '09. Still, it shows that a nation can't live on Beans On Toast alone (ok, I have no clue if this record sold to a buyer in the UK, but that's the case 90% of the time a Northern Soul record gets big buck). A genuine copy of the most bootlegged record of all time, The Beatles "Introducing The Beatles" on VeeJay made the list. This one was the "blank back" version.

1. 45 - Walter Wilson "Love Keeps Me Crying" / "Not Now But Later" Wand - $4,155.00

2. 45 - Elvis Presley / Jaye P Morgan EPA-992 EPA-993 EP - $3,500.00

3. LP - Michele Auclair "JS Bach Sonates pour clavier et violon" Les Discophiles Francais - $3,205.00

4. LP - The Beatles "Introducing The Beatles" VeeJay Blank Back - $3,000.00

5. LP - Arthur Grumiaux "Bach 6 Sonaten Un Parttien Fur Violini Alllein" Philips Hi Fi Stereo - $2,856.00

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