Thursday, August 26, 2010

Furnace MFG - In The News

This interesting video courtesy of my vinyl friend Manish Naik:

Get to know Furnace MFG with descriptions of the products and services we offer and a tour of the facilities. Furnace MFG is known for pressing the finest quality and best sounding vinyl records in the world. In this video we show you our state of the art pressing and assembly facilities and explain why people are saying Furnace MFG is vinyl pressing, perfected.

Ever wonder how vinyl records are pressed? In this video you will see the extruder make a puck of vinyl, sandwich it between two labels, and then press the vinyl puck between two plates that contain the grooves that make a vinyl record. Once the press cycle is finished you will see a knife cut off the excess vinyl. The record is then picked and placed into a sleeve where a heavy, metal plate is put on top to ensure the records remain flat while it cools. Records pressed at Furnace MFG / Pallas in Germany are among the finest in the world. This is a process that has been refined and perfected since the plant opened for business in 1947. Hear the difference today:

Furnace is also one of the largest vinyl manufacturing companies in the country. With over 25 years of vinyl experience, Furnace MFG is THE pressing plant for high-quality vinyl as well as vinyl mastering; lacquer; and DMM cutting, galvanics and plating. Though we are well-known for our boutique, audiophile-grade vinyl manufacturing, we also have the most capacity in the world with over 45 active vinyl presses. As the vinyl format thrives, Furnace MFG will lead the charge to keep the physical music format alive and kicking well into the 21st century.


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