Saturday, December 4, 2010

Indie Music Stores Report Strong Black Friday Sales

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Black Friday provided a ray of hope for indie music retailers.

"Most did well, with many reporting lines of people waiting to get in," said Michael Bunnell, Director of Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS). "We don't see that often anymore."

Store Sales Stats:

A few stores struggled with bad weather, but most saw increases of 10% to 50% on Friday and 15% to 20% for the weekend, driven in part by exlcusive product offerings. Best-sellers at indie stores included U2, Metallica, Gaslight Anthem, Iron and Wine, Dylan, Springsteen, Grinderman, Drive by Truckers, Black Crowes, and a Hendrix piece.

"All of this is very positive and a testament to Indie stores doing what they do best - serving real music fans with great products," said Bunnell.

"The Black Friday Record store day exclusives made a huge difference, with people waiting for the store to open," reported Jeffery Moss of indie chain Streetlight Records. "The exclusives helped give the indie stores some 'gravity' compared to the usual deep discounting of mass market items featured at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target."

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