Monday, December 6, 2010

Michael Jackson Studded Glove Fetches $300,000 At Auction

The studded stage glove worn by Michael Jackson has recently been sold for $300,000 at an auction in Beverly Hills, California. The glove was worn by Jackson during his Bad tour in the 1980s and was one of the star lots.

A fedora belonging to the late singer sold for $72,000, while signed jacket raised $96,000.


Unseen Thin Lizzy artwork goes on sale online

The approaching 25th anniversary of Phil Lynott's death will be marked by the online sale of limited edition artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick

Unseen Thin Lizzy artwork created by renowned Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick is to go on sale on his OWJO store on Facebook to mark the approaching 25th anniversary of the death of Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott.  OWJO is a portable online store that allows people to sell online on any platform, including Facebook.

Fitzpatrick worked with Thin Lizzy to create some of the band's most recognisable album covers and artwork, such as Black Rose and Johnny the Fox. In the course of this project there will also be work published that most Lizzy fans have never seen.

“We worked with Jim to create this online store for fans to have access to previously unavailable works and produce a gallery showcasing his work,” said Karl James from OWJO.

“It’s important that this artwork reaches the fans of Thin Lizzy and at such a poignant time and we were happy to help Jim provide this.”


Want to see some silly album cover art?  Head over to 'click Orlando' and check it out, worth a laugh!

Album Cover Art


Lennon: What could have been


Imagine it never happened.

It isn't hard to do. There are countless ways that the tragic events of Dec. 8, 1980 might have been altered or even erased. A misstep, a more vigilant doorman, a last-second change of heart; take your pick. It doesn't matter. Any one could have produced the same result: John Lennon might not have been gunned down outside his Dakota apartment in New York City.

What he would have done with his life, no one knows. But everyone wonders. Would he still be making music? Would The Beatles have reunited? Would he have Bieber fever? We sifted 30 years of headlines and Beatle history, did a little crystal-balling -- and based on Lennon's own words and deeds, we came up with a few possibilities.

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