Friday, December 10, 2010

Vinyl Record Store Thrives

It's great to read that there are some vinyl record stores doing well.  Check out this interesting piece:

Upper West Side music store thrives as others close shop

As music sales plummet, Westsider Records’ business booms thanks to an increasing interest in LPs.

By Crystal Lewis

“Business has been good to excellent.”

In a harsh economic climate, these words are surprising to hear. But even more shocking is that these words were spoken by an employee of local music shop Westsider Books and Records.

From the closure of Union Square’s Virgin Megastore last June to the legendary New York hip-hop store Fat Beats shutting its doors in September, music retailers are slowly disappearing. It’s a crushing blow to a city that is known as the birthplace of hip-hop and home to Broadway.

In general, the music industry has been on the decline. Throughout the first half of this year, CD sales have decreased 18 percent, according to a report from Neilsen SoundScan. Globally, music revenues have fallen by more than 7 percent.

So why is Westsider Books and Records’ business flourishing? Vinyl.

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