Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music News & Notes

Fela Kuti Vinyl Box Set

Knitting Factory Records is proud to release the first of the long-awaited vinyl reissues from the Fela Kuti catalog. This is the first in a series of curated vinyl box sets. The box includes six Fela Kuti albums that were handpicked by ?uestlove of The ROOTS. The artwork for each album is painstakingly recreated original album artwork along with vintage vinyl label artwork. What’s more is that this release marks the first time that some of these Fela Kuti albums have been released on vinyl domestically.

The box includes the albums:

Everything Scatter (1975)
Expensive Shit (1975)
Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986)
Beasts Of No Nation (1989)
Fear Not For Man (1977)
Sorrow Tears And Blood (1977)

“It’s the story of Hip Hop. It’s the story of taking nothing and turning it into something.” – ?uestlove


Press Gatsbys American Dream on Vinyl

Project by Overdue Collection Agency

About this project:  Our goal is to Kickstart the inaugural releases of the Overdue Collection Agency, a non-profit record label. We will focus primarily on releasing special edition versions of albums: 180 gram vinyl, with gatefold covers and packed with as much bonus content we can collect. Interviews with the band, and bonus material (Possibly demos and b-sides. We're working on that prospect). In addition to that, all the profits will be donated to a charity of the band's choice. Our goal in doing this to maintain the integrity of the artist, the album and to help those in need

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Stratovarius Release "Under Flaming Skies" From "Elysium"

Stratovarius have just released "Under Flaming Skies," another track from their forthcoming new album, 'Elysium.'  Produced by guitarist Matias Kupiainen, 'Elysium,' will be hitting stores on January 18th via Armoury Records. "Under Flaming Skies" finds the Finnish metal masters firing on all cylinders with a particularly impassioned performance from vocalist Timo Kotipelto, who wrote the track along with Kupiainen


Debut LP from By Surprise


Topshelf Records (Grown Ups, My Heart To Joy, Pianos Become The Teeth) is proud to announce the addition of By Surprise (Haddon Heights, NJ ) to the label’s growing roster. Topshelf will be releasing the band’s debut full-length on vinyl. Entitled Mountain Smashers, the LP will see an official release in mid-March with pre-orders beginning in February. The first pressing will be limited to 500 copies.


Great article about our beloved vinyl in Tennessee

A vinyl comeback

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SLASH Discusses JIMI HENDRIX's Enduring Influence In New Interview

Why Jimi Hendrix is his personal guitar hero

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Student-run labels record professional musicians

Explore outside UNC’s music scene


When two blues legends took the stage in Wilson Library last November, students Reed Turchi and Andrew Hamlet jumped at the chance to record them.

Turchi and Hamlet, both presidents of local student record companies, recorded Alfred “Uganda” Roberts and John “Jojo” Hermann when they performed at Wilson Library on Nov. 16.

“This is the first time (Vinyl Records has) gotten to record professional musicians in our studio,” said Hamlet, president of Vinyl Records.

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KISS In Your Garden?

And finally, throughout their career, KISS has done just about everything with regards to marketing. Now, in the case of  'just when you thought you have seen everything,' comes the KISS garden gnomes of each of the four members of the group; which will soon be released by Grilla Covers.

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