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SXSW 2011 Confirms Record Pressing Super Panel

SXSW 2011 Confirms Vinyl Record Panel for Saturday, March 19th “Vinyl Records 3.0 – Challenges and Rewards”

Industry Leaders in Mastering, Production, Printing and More Will Tackle The Question: Are Vinyl Records Surpassing All Other Music Formats in the Music Industry Market Today?

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, the SXSW Music Conference will host the panel “Vinyl Records 3.0: Challenges And Rewards,” bringing together six music industry professionals to discuss the current state and future of vinyl records in the marketplace. Within the past five years, vinyl record sales have steadily been on the rise. According to Nielsen Soundscan, 2.2 million units were sold in 2009, marking a 33% increase from the year prior, which was already a landmark for the medium with sales increasing nearly 50% in 2008. However, vinyl record production is a multi-tiered process; independent artists looking to break into the medium for the first time and those labels reacquainting themselves with the process are still faced with a unique set of decisions and challenges. The “3.0” panel will address such concerns by moderating audience questions and discussions throughout the entire event.

Panelists will discuss in detail the initial audio preparation, mastering, submission, manufacturing processes, print and packaging, design aspects and other details required to successfully release an album on vinyl. Emphasis will be placed on staying within budget and on schedule, while creatively expressing the musiciansʼ vision. A complete list of panelists is below. For more information, visit  or any of the panelist websites.

Panelists Include:

Oliver Goss, President, Record Pressing (panel moderator)

Oliver Goss has 20+ years of music industry experience, including executive production, promotional event planning, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, legal affairs, marketing, and management. In addition to establishing the independent record label Cosmic Flux Musiq, Goss founded Record Pressing, the first vinyl record manufacturer with Internet presence, and raised the bar in the quality of records released in the U.S. Goss has previously appeared on panels at CMJ, California Lawyers for the Arts and the Vinyl Symposium of the Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival. For more information, visit

Pete Lyman, Co-Owner & Founder, Infrasonic Sound Recording Co

Pete Lyman is the Co-Owner and Principal Mastering Engineer of Infrasonic Sound Recording Company, a CD and vinyl mastering suite in Los Angeles. Lyman broke into the industry studying alongside acclaimed RCA mastering engineer Richard Simpson and has since mastered material for artists like No Age, Best Coast, People Under the Stairs, Shooter Jennings, Ben Harper, Male Bonding and Jason Falkner to name a select few. He is one of the few engineers worldwide equipped to record and master directly to vinyl lacquer, thanks to the unique setup of Infrasonic Soundʼs recording studio and adjacent mastering suite. Lyman is also the recipient of the Shadow Hills Twin Falcon Award for excellence in mastering on the critically acclaimed Nouns (Sub Pop) by No Age. For Lymanʼs complete discography, visit

Jennifer Freund, Founder CEO, DoradoPkg

Jennifer Freund is the CEO of DoradoPkg, manufacturers of premium quality album covers, vinyl record jackets, CD and digipak covers, posters, tour books and numerous other music industry packaging and print products. DoradoPkgʼs clients include labels, distributors and independent artists worldwide. Dorado Pkg is a division of Corporate ImpressionsLA Inc., printers and packagers of business and marketing materials. For more information, visit

Steve Sheldon, CEO, General Manager Rainbo Records

Steve Sheldon has spent virtually his entire professional life in manufacturing for the entertainment industry. He started his career in the music business on the production floor of Rainbo Records while attending college in 1971. Sheldon was named CEO & General Manager of Rainbo in 1986 and President in 2003. Along with Jack Brown, founder of Rainbo Records, Steve has led Rainbo from a strictly vinyl record pressing plant in the 70ʼs, to a leading independent cassette manufacturer in the 80ʼs, incorporating compact discs in the 90ʼs and DVDʼs in the early 2000ʼs. For more information, visit

Nina Palmer, Sales, Marketing Manager Ross Elli

Nina Palmer was born into the music industry. Her father designed and manufactured vinyl record pressing equipment. She has been the marketing director of Ross Ellis for 30+ years, and owned her own vinyl pressing company prior to this. For more information, visit

Jay Millar, Sales and Marketing Manager United Record Pressing

After several years of working at the now defunct Detroit record chain Harmony House, Jay Millar joined PolyGram Records in 1995. Since then, heʼs spent time with BMG (who moved him to NYC), Sony, BMG, and Universal. In 2007, Jay brought his knowledge and passion for vinyl to the industryʼs largest manufacturer, United Record Pressing, where he serves as Sales and Marketing Manager. Jay also runs vinyl reissue label Microfiche Records, with his wife. For more information, visit

I would love to attend, I wonder if they could make it interactive via the Net, then they could hear from vinyl record consumers.....

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