Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vinyl Sales Post 14% Sales Uptick in 2010

The year-end SoundScan numbers have been released today with some discouraging numbers for album sales (digital). However, the one big exception is the sale vinyl records. While the numbers aren't mindbogggling, vinyl sales rose 14% from 2009 to 2010, according to the Nielsen Company and Billboard's 2010 Music Industry Report. In 2009, 2.5 million vinyl albums were sold and in 2010 that number rose to 2.8 million. The top three selling vinyl albums were the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' (35,000 units sold), the Arcade Fire's 'Suburbs' (18,800 units), and Black Keys 'Brothers' (18,400 units).

It's amazing to me that the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' LP was at the top of the list, this from a band that broke up 40 years ago; a true testament to their music staying power.

The best-selling vinyl LPs of 2010

1. The Beatles, Abbey Road (35,000)

2. Arcade Fire, The Suburbs (18,800)

3. The Black Keys, Brothers (18,400)

4. Vampire Weekend, Contra (15,000)

5. Michael Jackson, Thriller (14,200)

6. The National, High Violet (13,600)

7. Beach House, Teen Dream (13,000)

8. Jimi Hendrix Experience, Valleys of Neptune (11,400)

9. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (10,600)

10. The xx, The xx (10,200)

Other top sellers included Vampire Weekend, Beach House, Pavement, and the National. Other artists that saw top sales included Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and Metallica.

Hail Vinyl!

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