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Suburban Home Posts 80 Auctions On Limited Pressing

My friend in vinyl Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home Records just posted a great sale, check out some of the collectible vinyl he is offering!!   This auction is up for a limited time, so don't snooze!

Suburban Home posts 80 Auctions on Limited Pressing (Two Cow Garage, Austin Lucas, Tim Barry and many more)

By Virgil Dickerson

So I spent some time away from posting auctions during the holidays, but this week, I am back and hope to continue adding new records every Thursday. I have 80 records listed on Limited Pressings’ auctions that span most of the Suburban Home catalog. All of the auctions end Thursday, February 3rd. The listings begin at 99 cents so there are certain to be a number of auctions that end at very low prices. Take advantage of these deals to add to your record collection.

Feast your eyes on these gems!!
1969 “Maya” LP Yellow Colored Vinyl
36 Crazyfists -The Tide And Its Takers (Red Vinyl) LP
50 Foot Wave -Power & Light (Colored Vinyl) LP
A Life Once Lost -Iron Gag (Gray And Black Vinyl) LP
A Wilhelm Scream -Mute Print (Yellow Vinyl) LP
Adolescents -Adolescents (Picture Disc) LP
Austin Lucas -Collection (Pink Vinyl) LP
Austin Lucas -Somebody Loves You LP black vinyl
Austin Lucas With The Takers -Split (whiskey coke) 7”
Austin Lucas/Cory Branan -Split 7”
Avail -4 AM Friday (Gray Double Vinyl) LP
Avail -Dixie (White Double Vinyl) LP
Avail -Over The James (Orange Vinyl) LP
Bad Astronaut -Acrophobe LP white vinyl
Banner -Frailty (Black And Silver Vinyl) LP
Boys Night Out -Make Yourself Sick (Blue Vinyl) LP
Chad Price -Smile Sweet Face (Black Vinyl) LP
Chad Price/Rocky Votolato -Split (Blue Vinyl) 7”
Cobra Skulls -American Rubicon (Red Vinyl) LP
Cory Branan/Jon Snodgrass -Split (Colored Vinyl) LP
Crispus Attucks -Destroy the Teacher LP
D.O.A. -Bloodied But Unbowed (Picture Disc) LP
Dear And The Headlights Small Steps, Heavy dbl LP gold
Drag The River Can’t Leave These Strays White/Blue 7”
Drag The River -Closed (Gold Vinyl) LP
Drag The River -Garage Rock (Whiskey Coke Vinyl) 7”
Drag The River/Chris Wollard/The Ship Thieves Split 7”
Druglords Of The Avenues Sing Songs (Blue Vinyl) LP
Every Time I Die -Gutter Phenomenon (Red Vinyl) LP
F.Y.P./Chaniwa -Split 10”
Fallen From The Sky/Wonder Years UTI Vol 13 brown 7”
Foxy Shazam -Introducing (Orange And Red Vinyl) LP
Ghost Buffalo -The Magician Red/Gold Splatter Vinyl LP
Heavy Heavy Low Low Turtle Nipple Brown/Pink Vinyl LP
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House LP white vinyl
In The Red -Volume 1.5.1 (Limited Red Vinyl) 7”
In The Red -Volume 2 (Red Vinyl) LP
Jealous Sound -Kill Them With Kindness White dbl LP
Joey Cape -Bridge (Peach With Black Splatter Vinyl) LP
Joey Cape/Mike Hale UTI Vol. 11 (Gold Vinyl) 7”
Jon Snodgrass -Visitor’s Band (Clear Vinyl) LP
Josh Small -Tall By Josh Small Mint Green Dbl LP
Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground Diggin Clear 7”
Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground Blue Dbl LP
Kevin Seconds/Kepi Ghoulie -UTI Vol. 12 (Red Vinyl) 7”
Lizzie Huffman -And Her Brother Band Red 10”
Look Mexico -To Bed To Battle (Salmon Vinyl) LP
Look Mexico -You Stay. I Go. No Following. 7”
Love Me Destroyer -Things Around Us Burn LP colored
Matt Pryor -Confidence Man (Coke Bottle Vinyl) LP
Micah Schnabel When The Stage Lights Go Dim Green LP
Minus The Bear Planet Of Ice Clear With Purple dbl LP
Murder By Death -In Bocca Al Lupo 180 Gram Orange LP
Murder By Death -Red Of Tooth And Claw Burgundy LP
Ninja Gun -Restless Rubes (Trans Green Vinyl) LP
Norma Jean -All The Studio Albums 4 LP Box Set LP
Norma Jean -Anti Mother (Red Vinyl) LP
O Pioneers!!!/New Bruises -UTI Vol 10 Blue Vinyl 7”
Playing Favorites -I Remember When Blue With White LP
Poison The Well -The Tropic Rot Peach Dbl LP
Portugal The Man It’s Complicated Being A Wizard LP
Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast Adventure Boy LP
See You Next Tuesday Parasite Clear w Gold Splatter LP
See You Next Tuesday Intervals Clear Rainbow Splat LP
Sidekicks So Long, Soggy Dog Marble Blue Vinyl LP
Sparta -Threes (White Double Vinyl) LP
Stereotyperider Songs In The Key Of F And U Blue/Wh LP
Takers -Curse Of A Drunk (Gray Vinyl) 7”
Takers -Taker Easy (Gold Vinyl) LP
Tim Barry -28th & Stonewall Whiskey Coke LP
Tim Barry -Rivanna Junction (Green Vinyl) LP
Tim Barry/Frank Turner -Split (Blue Vinyl) 7”
Two Cow Garage -Sweet Saint Me (Turquoise Vinyl) LP
Two Cow Garage/Jr Juggernaut UTI Vol 9 PBR Colored 7”
Useless ID -Lost Broken Bones (Red Vinyl) LP
Wayword Sons/Sam Lowry -Julianne (Red Vinyl) 7”
Yesterday’s Ring Diamonds In The Ditch Purple Dbl LP
Whiskey And Co/Ninja Gun UTI Vol. 2 White w/ Blue 7”
Yesterday’s Ring Punx Not Dead… Turquoise/White 7”
V/A -Revival Road (White Vinyl) LP

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