Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unreleased Pittsburgh, PA 1960’s Garage Rock Bands

i received a note from Kurt Spinosa, Sales and Marketing Director at and thought i would share it with you.  now, being a fan of the 'oldies' (honestly, i wouldn't know a lady gaga song if i heard one) and especially 60's garage rock, this project is a dream come true for music lovers.

Please stop by the TLSound website for more information

I'll let Kurt explain the project:

Finally, the vaults are open....60's Pittsburgh sounds on the Stone Classic Label are now available!

This music was recorded in the 1960’s by the Legendary Pittsburgh Disc Jockey, Band Manager and Record Producer – Terry Lee. I am working in partnership with Terry Lee through the TL Sound Co. to an end goal of releasing everything that he has in his massive master tape vault

As one of the greatest Pittsburgh DJ’s of the 60’s and 70’s, Terry Lee’s mix of Pop songs of the time, Garage Rock music & his famous “ Music for Young Lovers “ ballads is unmatched in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

These records that we will be releasing are coming directly from Terry Lee’s master tape Vault, which is enormous, and will include different versions of the songs ( 12 String Guitar Versions ) and Band Tracks as well. We will be releasing 45's and LP's at first. A lot of these songs will be complete with studio talk, outtakes and direction from Terry Lee, himself. We will also be releasing all of Terry Lee’s “ Music for Young Lovers “ albums on CD and Terry Lee’s Television show he produced for WQED in Pittsburgh.

Most of these Pittsburgh groups and the songs they recorded for Terry Lee have never been released or heard before. We have some of the rarest 60’s garage rock music to offer you. If you are a garage rock enthusiast, you will be amazed and the sound and quality of these recordings. There are thousands of master tapes to look through, and we will be releasing these songs on 45 rpm and in LP format. Records will be pressed in colored wax. Later on we will produce this music on cd’s. We are only pressing 1000 copies of each of these 45’s or LP’s. These records are all going to be Limited Edition 1000 copies. After that we are finished with that one and we will be moving on to release the next one.

During the 60’s & 70’s, Terry Lee wore many hats. Besides being a record producer and disc jockey, Terry Lee was also the band manager of every group that he recorded.

Some of the many groups that Terry Lee recorded are: The Swamp Rats, The Fantastic Dee Jay’s, The Fenways, Trinity Max, Galactus, Lucy Blue, the Chains, Branvatten, Sebastian, Six Av Us, Church Street, Gary Glenn / Bluebird, Timothy, The Chrome Flower, Vulture, Royal Flush, The Arondies and many more.

This garage rock music that Terry Lee brought out of Pittsburgh back in the 60’s needs to be preserved for all time, and that is what Terry Lee and I are going to do within the next few years.

Thank you for your time.

Kurt Spinosa
Sales and Marketing Director
TLSoundco. com

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