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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

yes, unless you live under a rock you know that RSD is quickly approaching and if you are interested in reading more about the plethra of new vinyl being made available, has you covered!

Record Store Day 2011 – Comprehensive Release Guide Part 2

A Comprehensive list of all the releases for Record Store Day 2011 – Part 2 features the second HALF of the RSD2011 exclusive releases.

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Regina Spektor Announces Special Record Store Day Release

NYC's own, Regina Spektor has always been an ardent supporter of indie record stores. In fact, in recent years, she has graced the now-annual event, Record Store Day, the big day out in celebration and support of independent music retailers, with in-store appearances, special product, and kind, public words for the event. This year, Spektor goes all out with a number of hearty nods to the indies, sending out love in all formats.

The artist says, "I'm very glad to take part in Record Store Day again. It's so important to have a local place where you can go and discover new and older music. It's great to be surrounded by knowledgeable people who can guide you and help you through your discoveries; people who can put things into a context, care about the history of recorded music, and want to share their experience. Go and meet them!"

First off, Spektor is slated to do a live in-store performance at Other Music in NYC on Record Store Day 2011. The much-loved and frequented retailer has had a long history with Spektor and is thrilled to have her:



Record Store Day Final Countdown Is On With Cults, Deerhoof, Death Cab, Fleet Foxes, Matt & Kim

With less than a week to go, the final countdown to Record Store Day 2011 is on. Cults, Death Cab for Cutie, Deerhoof, The Dodos, Fleet Foxes, Matt & Kim, Midlake, Peter Bjorn & John, Regina Spektor, Will Self, and Xiu Xiu are only a handful of the indie artists that will be releasing exclusive and limited edition pieces this year at participating stores on Record Store Day.



vinyl stores in the chicago area help celebrate vinyl!

A Day for the Records

More than 700 stores around the country participate in the April 16 vinyl-loving holiday

By J.V. Siegel

Those who thought, and not imprudently, that the sun had set on vinyl recordings have been proven wrong.

Record Store Day 2011, taking place on April 16, is Christmas for the many fans of vinyl that still remain loyal.

Officially established in 2007 by employees of independent record stores, Record Store Day is celebrated globally, and has been done so since 2008, when it received immediate acclaim from recording artists internationally.

Since then, the popularity of the day has only grown. This year, more than 700 independently owned record stores in the United States alone will be participating.


---------------- discusses a special pic disc release

Jamie Woon Prepares Picture Disc

Another Record Store Day item

by Robin Murray

Jamie Woon has confirmed plans for a picture disc edition of new single 'Lady Luck'.

Ah, the picture disc. Back in the day, the picture disc was a collectable alternative to boring old black vinyl. Instead, bands - and producers, lest we forget - would press pictures onto the wax, possibly of themselves but the designs could become intricate.

Seeming to fall out of fashion, the picture disc has enjoyed a revival alongside the rise in vinyl sales. Now Jamie Woon has organised a special one off release, containing an intricate design pressed onto 12 inch.



lovely story about one's passion for vinyl and why it is important!

My love letter to Welsh record shops

Bethan Elfyn

I've just read a strange article by Rick Martin, an NME hack, essentially berating Record Store Day and our sentimentality for our local independent record store.

Here's the first section of his argument: "If physical singles are finally dying out for good, then don't expect me to send any flowers to the funeral. I don't care about Record Store Day. I don't even care if I never own a physical CD or vinyl record ever again. I got rid of 90 per cent of my CD-based record collection last year, leaving behind only the records I'd paid for before becoming a music hack. I don't miss them.

"And here's why: if you're seriously bothered about the way your tunes are delivered to you, you're focusing on totally the wrong aspect of what makes music great.

"You don't need to own music to enjoy it. I don't sniff records. Buying a CD or 7" doesn't make me like a tune any more than if I'd hear it streamed on a blog - great music is great music however you hear it."

He goes on sadly to bemoan the experience at the independent record store and how it leaves you feeling a little sour.

With so many working together to support Record Store Day, and champion these shops which are struggling with the recession on top of the changing taste in music-buying public, I wanted to write my own love letter to the record shop, and what it represents to me:

Please read the rest of this compelling opinion at


up north of our border, folks are preparing for rsd, read on:

The vinyl frontier

City outlets put their own spin on Record Store Day

By: David Sanderson

Stylus-conscious people will want to circle April 16 on their calendars.

For the fourth year in a row, the third Saturday in April has been designated Record Store Day — an internationally recognized 24-hour period that celebrates independent music stores, particularly those that sell good, old-fashioned vinyl. (This year, Ozzy Osbourne will serve as the event's official ambassador. Good luck understanding the opening ceremonies.)

More than 1,500 stores worldwide, including nine in Winnipeg, are expected to take part in Record Store Day 2011. "This will be the third time we're involved," says Dave Wright, owner of Planet of Sound, at 1109 Henderson Hwy. "Every store does their own thing; our first year, a local musician did an in-store (concert). Last year was nice out, so (folk-rock artist) Jamie Rumley played on the sidewalk, outside the store.

"But basically it's just an excuse for music fans to come together."

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this from our friends at

The Letters of John Lennon to Be Published in 2012

A new book containing the letters of John Lennon has been scheduled for publication, but not for another 18 months.

The LA Times reports that Yoko Ono and official Beatles biographer Hunter Davies have compiled Lennon’s letters, postcards and drawings, sent to all manner of people.



Three New Pieces of Vinyl from Immune Recordings

Erik Keldsen’s Immune Recordings has never released a mediocre record, so with an update always comes excitement. The first of three new offerings is the Record Store Day split 7″ between Steve Gunn and Ilyas Ahmed. Gunn’s raga-tinged folk and Ahmed’s gorgeous “gone” experimentalism should be familiar to readers, but if not, investigate immediately.



Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deep Purple Members Unite For Charity

There are supergroups and then there's WHOCARES, a band formed for charity by Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain, Deep Purple's Ian Gillan, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, and Finnish guitarist Linde Lindstrom. WHOCARES are planning to release their debut songs on May 6th. The project is the brainchild of Iommi and Gillan, who invited their A-list hard rock friends to participate in their charitable vision.

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interesting take on hugh laurie's new record from the irishtimes:

White guy Laurie's debut album facing in to some mean dog blues

A CLARIFICATION from actor Hugh Laurie: “I was not born in Alabama in the 1890s. I’ve never eaten grits, cropped a share, or ridden a boxcar. No gypsy woman said anything to my mother when I was born and there’s no hellhound on my trail, as far as I can judge. Let this record show that I am a white, middle-class Englishman, openly trespassing on the music and myth of the American south.”

Such hand-wringing could only come from a white, privileged, English graduate of Eton and Oxford (all of which Laurie is), but there are wider issues at work concerning musical fundamentalism. Laurie’s Let Them Talk , due out next month, is an album of blues covers, and already the “How Dare You” brigade are flinging pejoratives and dragging up wretched old arguments about “provenance” and “authenticity”.

Laurie is one of the most- watched actors in the world thanks to his TV series House . When you’ve that big a profile you can ring up any label you want, say “I want to do this”, and a stretch limo will be outside your door before you hang up. Hardly his fault.

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very interesting article from the twin cities, with local musicians chiming in, worth the read:

What was your first album? We asked. Here's what local music types said.

By Ross Raihala

Do you remember the first time?

If you're a music lover, you probably do. The first time you were so moved by an artist or a song, you had to make it your very first record purchase. The first time you spent your own money to buy that album. The first time you got it home, unwrapped it, put it on and listened to each song, all the while studying the cover art and liner notes. The first time you fell in love with that sweet, sweet sound.

It's an experience that just isn't the same in what has become a point-and-click world, but that experience — buying music recorded on physical media — is one that will be celebrated Saturday during the fifth annual Record Store Day. The national event celebrates all aspects of records and independent record stores, with in-store shows and hundreds of exclusive, limited-edition releases. Most Twin Cities record shops, including Electric Fetus, Cheapo, Fifth Element and Down in the Valley, will participate.

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Album cover art for Nordic power/thrash metal band ARCTIRIS

ARCTIRIS is a Power/Thrash metal band formed in November of 2010 in Beijing, China. The band members comprise of Danish front man Eemil (Guitar & Vocals), Marcel (Drums) and Ury (Keyboard/Backing Vocals). The band was originally named "Fenris" however, due to copyright issues with the name, the name was changed to Arctiris.

The bands musical style derives from renowed power metal act's such as Sonata Arctica, Avantasia, Rhapsody Of Fire, Helloween, Dragonforce & Stratovarius they are however also influenced by Thrash bands such as Megadeth, Metallica & Annihalator. They have however developed their own sound by combinig power metal themes such as fast keyboard melodies and gallop rhythms with thrash styled riffs & Solo's.

already in my top ten album covers for 2011!


a lovely story about one's love for the stones (among others)

Best-selling crime writer Ian Rankin reveals his love for The Rolling Stones

WHEN I first heard The Rolling Stones, I hated them - the album was Let It Bleed.

It belonged to my sister's boyfriend. He had paid £1 19s 11d (just under £2) for it at a record shop in Kirkcaldy.

It came with a poster and the sleeve was interesting. I'd no idea who Delia Smith was but she'd done a good job of that cake.

I was a bit of a poster fanatic - my tiny bedroom was plastered with them, including the ceiling.

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CHICAGO ¡EXITOS! Set For Release

Known for their original and innovative music style, the world famous rock group, CHICAGO, is at it again. Chicago and manager Peter Schivarelli are executive producers on a new and exciting Latin music project of 12 of their greatest hits called Chicago ¡Exitos!.

They have hired New York producer and arranger John Van Eps, who in turn, gathered the best Latin arrangers, musicians and singers that he could find, calling them “The New York Latin All-Stars featuring vocalist Eddie Ganz.”

Just as Chicago combined rock, jazz, blues and classical on their original recordings, the “NYLAS” have created amazing Latin style versions of Chicago's hits, including “Make Me Smile,” “25 Or 6 To 4,” “Saturday In The Park,” “Another Rainy Day In New York City,” “Colour My World” and many other beloved Chicago hits.

Eddie Ganz translated the English lyrics to Spanish, and the horns were arranged and adapted by Jeff Holmes. Some of the Latin music styles featured on the record are Latin Pop, Bomba, Afro, Songo, Cha Cha, Mozambique, Joropo, Mambo, Merengue and Dancon.

Said Chicago band member Lee Loughnane, "Knowing that we would not be able to accurately represent all the intricacies of the various Latin styles by arranging and performing the songs ourselves, we thought it best to put the project in the hands of musicians who work in the Latin genre. We hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we do."

Robert Lamm added, "Producer Van Eps told me that all the musicians, their families and friends were thrilled to hear these familiar and well-loved Chicago songs transformed in such a unique way."

Short samples of some of the songs can be found on Chicago's website:

If you are real interested in hearing more, check out the interview HERE


our friends in new zealand know about vinyl!

Why vinyl records are better

Imogen Crispe

A Mamaku man says vinyl records are still worth buying - they have a better sound and bring back nostalgia.

Craig Roberts bought three records at the Rotorua Record Fair at Ngongotaha Hall yesterday. He said he had recently got back into listening to vinyl, buying a new record player after finding some old LPs he had in the attic.

"I just fancied listening to them again."

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---------------- is reporting:

Stars To Cover McCartney Songs For Tribute Album

Legendary rock stars including Kiss, Billy Joel, and The Cure are reportedly set to contribute versions of songs by Sir Paul McCartney for a new covers album.

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have any talent for album cover art?

Todd Rundgren Album Cover Art Contest

Showcase your artistic ingenuity and let your creativity flow by creating the cover of Todd Rundgren’s forthcoming album [re] Production. Send us your most inspired design for a chance to be featured as either the album cover or in the physical and/or digital booklet

check it out at


interesting post on craigslist:

Looking for Partners who know about Vinyl Record Collecting (Somerset County)


and in music history for today:

The SPEBSQSA (Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America) was founded in 1936.

James Brown debuts on the R&B charts in 1956 with "Please, Please, Please."

In 1961, Bob Dylan played his first live gig in New York City at Gerde’s Folk City, opening for John Lee Hooker.

In 1964, The Beatles set a new chart record with 14 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. The songs ranged from “Can’t Buy Me Love” at #1 to “Love Me Do” at #81.

In 1965, The New Musical Express, the most important music trade paper in Britain, hosted a concert at London's Wembley Empire Pool, featuring The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, The Seekers, Freddie and the Dreamers, The Animals, The Kinks, Herman's Hermits, The Moody Blues, Them, Cilla Black and Donovan. wow, what a line up!!!

Frank Sinatra recorded the immortal cut "Strangers in the Night" in 1966.

Big Brother & the Holding Company made their national TV debut on ABC's "Hollywood Palace" in 1968.

In 1981, Hall & Oates started a three-week run at #1 on the U.S. singles chart with “Kiss on My List,” the duo’s second American chart-topper.

R.E.M.'s first album, "Murmur", was released in 1983.

Guns N’ Roses shot the video for their song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” in a ballroom in Huntington Beach, CA in 1988.

In 1994, Oasis released their first single, “Supersonic,” which peaked at #31 on the U.K. charts.

In 2006, June Pointer, the youngest of the four Pointer Sisters who went from teenage Gospel singers to the top of the Pop charts with such hits as "Fire", "Slow Hand" and "I'm So Excited", died of cancer at the age of 52.

celebrating birthdays today include Lisa Stansfield (1966), Joss Stone (1987) & Nigel Pulsford of Bush (1965)

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