Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The New Face of Vinyl: Youth's Digital Devolution

a friend in vinyl has a unique project and is trying to come up with funds (at to study the impact of vinyl in our music culture today. Stop by, read what they are doing and if you can help, please do so! Here is a snapshot of what they plan to do:

The New Face of Vinyl: Youth's Digital Devolution

Project by Ben Meadors and Owen McCafferty

About this project

It isn't uncommon to see the everyday items of our past make it into the mainstream again, especially with young people. Clearly leisure suits, 8-Tracks, and gas guzzling land yachts never seemed to make it with the youth of today. Yet we are in the middle of the largest format revolution since the advent of the compact disc; except this time, young people all over the world are picking up a once forgotten format: vinyl records.

All throughout the United States, teens and young adults alike are doling out cash for vinyl re-issues of their favorite records, or even better, getting the latest artists and records on vinyl. In the age of digital downloads, mp3’s and compact discs, youth in America are embracing the analog experience in the biggest way since the 1970s.

The exact cause of this “digital devolution” is not entirely known. Is it that young people are becoming intrigued by the physical experience vinyl gives to the user? Or perhaps they are noticing a difference in the sound reproduction? Is this some fad or is it here to stay? No one knows just yet what the state of vinyl is now and what it holds in the hearts of millions across the country, but we do know that the vinyl experience is different for everyone who is involved. It’s time to find out exactly what is behind the black wax revolution.

Photographer Ben Meadors and writer Owen McCafferty are going to set out on a journey to discover what exactly is inspiring people all over the United States to buy vinyl, and share that journey with all of you.

By raising $6,500 Ben and Owen will travel to Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, and New York City, to photograph and interview young record collectors, record store owners, and the occasional vinyl buyer to ask them why they love records, and what keeps them buying.

After collecting the pictures, Owen will write a narrative to document their journey in a 180+ page, full color photo book to share with the world.

Your donations will contribute to the traveling expenses in each city, as well as help to print a small quantity of the books. Those who donate $165.00 or higher will receive a signed copy of the beautiful book autographed by both Ben and Owen. The initial copies will be specifically made and commissioned for donors. A few extra copies will be printed in hopes of having the book sponsored by a publishing company in order to have it distributed on a large scale in book stores throughout the world.

With enough funding, this project will bring the vinyl revival to the forefront, and give everyone a glimpse into this new culture that is taking precedence in the lives of music lovers everywhere. Your contributions will not go unnoticed no matter what size it may be.

We thank you greatly for your interest, and we hope you can help us make this project a reality.For more information regarding the project including contact information, news, and event details, visit  

Stop By and support the project!

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