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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

inspiring story at mansfield news about a man and his records, we can all relate to his thinking, we share his passion! (kudos to author Anne Miller, who portrays vinyl record collecting for what it is - a pure love of music)

Vintage Vinyl

Written by Anne Miller

Bellville collector has a lot of it

What has happened to all of the vinyl records? You know, those shiny black 33, 45 and 78 platters so wildly popular before iPod downloads and compact discs.

John Hecht Jr. can account for 60,000 of them. He has them stored in the Bellville antique shop he runs at 100 Main St., as well as his home and his wife's Tappan House Bed and Breakfast in Mansfield.

The story of how his collection of pre-1964 music began is bittersweet.

As a teenager, Hecht saved his money and bought the 98-cent 45s he liked to dance to. While he was serving his tour of duty in Vietnam in the 1960s, his mother junked his cherished collection of 30 or so classic rock-'n'-roll records.

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another fantastic story about vinyl from the state of ohio, they love their vinyl!

Oregon District becoming a destination for record collectors

By Dave Larsen, Staff Writer

Vinyl record sales boomed in 2010, increasing 14 percent.

Opening a record store in an age of file-sharing and digital downloads is “suicide,” said Phillip Raimey, citing the conventional wisdom about the retail music industry. But that didn’t stop Raimey and two former associates from Gem City Records from launching a new store, the Record Gallery, last month in the Oregon Arts District.

“We discovered that there is a market for vinyl,” said Raimey, the store’s owner.

Vinyl record sales boomed in 2010, increasing 14 percent to 2.8 million units in an otherwise distressed year, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The Record Gallery at 16 Brown St. specializes in vintage vinyl, used CDs and collectible music memorabilia.

“The focus is on being an old-fashioned record shop,” said Kristen Wicker, Oregon Arts District spokeswoman.

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We Are the in Crowd New Album Cover Artwork

The cover art for We Are the in Crowd’s upcoming album, ‘Best Intentions' has been revealed. The record was produced by Kenneth Mount and Zachary Odom (All Time Low, Mayday Parade) and will be available on October 4 via Hopeless Records.


Deep Purple to Release Four Double Live CDs

Michael Wright

Almost singlehandedly keeping classic hard rock alive with a seemingly never-ending series of releases and re-releases, Eagle Rock Entertainment has announced the release of four out-of-print Deep Purple live sets from the early 1970s. The double-disc sets include Scandinavian Nights, In Concert 1970/1972, Live in London and The Final Concerts.

Scandinavian Nights captures the classic Mark II lineup of Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Roger Glover and Ian Paice mere months after Gillan and Glover joined the group and helped transform their sound from psychedelic soul to era-defining hard rock.

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Candy Hearts Divulge New Album Details

Candy Hearts are scheduled to release their second album, ‘Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy,’ this September 27 on Kind of Like Records. The record, which is the follow-up to ‘Ripped Jeans and Silly Dreams,’ was self-produced and recorded by vocalist/guitarist Mariel Loveland and guitarist Kris Hayes.

In a press statement, Loveland explained, “[The contradictory album title] seemed like a perfect fit for the record because it dealt with themes we felt like a lot of people deal with their whole lives. It’s about that feeling of having everything you thought you wanted, yet something is still missing or it’s just not enough.”


1. Tongue Tied
2. Lighter Than the Air
3. She’s So Cool
4. Good Enough
5. Sleepy Kisses
6. Asbury Park
7. When I’m With You
8. Something Special
9. Jawbreaker
10. What I’m Made Of
11. I Want Out
12. Everything’s Alright


Dinosaur Jr Announce Reissues On Vinyl

Dinosaur Jr. has announced that they plan to reissue their first three studio albums, 1985's 'Dinosaur,' 1987's 'You’re Living All Over Me,' and 1988's 'Bug' on vinyl via Jagjaguwar Records. Originally released on the Homestead and SST labels and reissued on CD by Merge Records in 2005, the new vinyl pressings of the first three Dinosaur Jr albums will arrive Oct 4th.


Sean Kelly Album Details

SEAN KELLY is set to release his new album, 'Where The Wood Meets The Wire,' on September 13th via Opening Day/Universal. The album cover art was created by Matt Brooks.

"I always wanted to have a cool prog rock album cover," said Kelly, "and once again Matt nailed it!"


Hatesphere's New Album Details

Hatesphere is set to release their new album 'The Great Bludgeoning' on September 27th in the US and Canada. The album will be released as download, vinyl and CD.

Peter "Pepe" Hansen explains the album: "We have aimed the new album in a more old-school direction than its predecessor. With people this experienced joining the band it has been a very relaxed and enjoyable process to write the songs, and we have all agreed on the concept. More metal and everything that follows. The cover, the title and the lyrics speaks for themselves. We are an angry-sounding metal band, and we have no intention of denying that. That's why the cover is more back-to-the-roots and the lyrics are again about aggressions, drinking and hate. The things that HateSphere has always been about. Expect brutality, melody and groove in just the right dose. We have had one hell of a time writing and recording it, and we cant wait to present the album to all of you before long!"

1. The Killer
2. Venom
3. Smell Of Death
4. Decayer
5. The Wail Of My Threnode
6. Resurrect With A Vengeance
7. The Great Bludgeoning
8. Need To Kill
9. Devil In Your Own Hell


found this old thing on youtube.enjoy!


and in music history for today August 8th:

In 1960, 16 year-old Bryan Hyland's novelty tune, "Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" topped the Billboard Hot 100 and the Cash Box Best Sellers list. Songwriter Paul Vance said he got the inspiration for the song when he saw his two year old daughter at the beach in a tiny little swimsuit. The record reached #8 in the UK.

Also in 1960, England's Decca Records scrapped 25,000 copies of Ray Peterson's "Tell Laura I Lover Her" because they felt the song, which recounts the last thoughts of a teenager dying from a car accident, was "too tasteless and vulgar." A rival record company felt differently and recorded a cover version by a singer named Ricky Valance, which went to number one on the British chart. In the US, Ray Peterson's version reached number seven on the Billboard Pop chart.

In 1961, Britain's Lonnie Donegan has his biggest hit in the US when the novelty tune "Does You're Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight" reached #5.

In 1964, "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals was released in America. Although the band would put 14 songs in the Top 40, this will be their only US number one. It was reported that the song was recorded in just one take and the band was actually in the studio for less than ten minutes.

In 1966, in response to John Lennon's remark about The Beatles being bigger than Jesus Christ, The South African Broadcasting Corporation banned all Beatles records.

In 1969, the cover photo for The Beatles' "Abbey Road" album was taken, showing the Fab Four striding across the road outside Abbey Road studios in London. Six shots were taken and the photo session was completed in less than ten minutes. It is the only original UK Beatles album sleeve to show neither the artist name nor the album title on its front cover.

The front cover design, a photograph of the group traversing a zebra crossing, was based on sketched ideas by McCartney and taken on 8 August 1969 outside EMI Studios on Abbey Road. At around 11:30 that morning, photographer Iain Macmillan was given only ten minutes to take the photo whilst he stood on a step-ladder and a policeman held up the traffic.

In the scene, the group walk across the street in single file from left to right, with Lennon leading, followed by Starr, McCartney, and Harrison. McCartney was barefoot. With the exception of Harrison, the group were wearing suits designed by Tommy Nutter. To the left of the picture, parked next to the zebra crossing, was a white Volkswagen Beetle which belonged to one of the people living in the block of flats across from the recording studio. After the album was released, the number plate (LMW 281F) was stolen repeatedly from the car. The man standing on the pavement to the right of the picture is Paul Cole (c. 1911 – 13 February 2008),an American tourist unaware he had been photographed until he saw the album cover months later.

The image of the Beatles on the crossing has become one of the most famous and imitated in recording history. The crossing is a popular destination for Beatles fans and there is a webcam  featuring it. In December 2010, the crossing was given grade II listed status for its "cultural and historical importance"; the Abbey Road studios themselves had been given similar status earlier in the year.

In 1970, Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Looking Out My Back Door" was released in the US, where it will reach #2. The dream-like imagery led some to believe that the song was about drugs, but writer John Fogerty said that it was inspired by nursery rhymes and written for his then three-year old son.

Also in 1970, Janis Joplin bought a headstone for the grave of blues singer Bessie Smith. Smith was one of Joplin's idols.

In 1974, Eric Clapton received a Gold record for his chart topping album, "461 Ocean Boulevard" that contains his number one hit, "I Shot the Sheriff".

In 1987, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2 was the #1 US single.

In 1992, James Hetfield (Metallica) was injured by a stage explosion at a concert in Montreal. A riot occurred at the same show when Axl Rose cut Guns 'N' Roses' set short because of a sore throat.

In 1996, 1996, Kiss appeared at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, Ohio on their 192-date Alive world tour. During the show a fan threw his fake leg on stage, which all the members signed and handed back to him.

In 1998, the Rolling Stones performed for the first time in Russia.

In 2000, attorney generals in 28 states filed a lawsuit that alleged that record companies forced discount stores to raise CD prices in 1995.

In 2010, Ted Kowalski, a member of the Canadian quartet The Diamonds, died of heart disease at the age of 79. The vocal group had a string of hits in the late 1950s including "Little Darlin'", "Silhouettes" and "The Stroll".

In 2010, John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman, had his parole hearing delayed until early September so that officials could gather additional information. The 55-year-old Chapman became eligible for parole in 2000 after serving 20 years, but he has been denied his freedom five times. let him rot...

celebrating birthdays today (among others) are the great Connie Stevens (73), Chris Foreman (Madness) (55), Dennis Drew (10,000 Maniacs) (54), Rikki Rockett (born Richard Ream) (Poison) (50), Scott Stapp (Creed) (38) and The Edge (born David Evans) (U2) (50)

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