Friday, April 20, 2012


Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a big party coming up on Saturday, and you’re invited. Everyone’s invited, in fact, because everyone belongs at a record store. And the fifth annual Record Store Day is nothing if not a worldwide celebration of the culture of the record store.

Already have plans to visit your favorite record store on 4/21. We don’t know which store that is, but we know that if it’s one of the hundreds of participating stores in the United States, they are getting ready to have a great time and celebrate with you. You can find out what your store has in mind by looking them up on our website (

Maybe there’s a particular Record Store Day release you’re looking for—there are over 250 of them this year, and they are all special, limited edition pieces made just for the fans, and made for indie record stores. We’re pretty proud of our list this year: from Jazz to Classical to Punk to Classic Rock to Hip-Hop, Indie, Dance and Country, it really runs the gamut. Every store brings in their own stock, so every store has a different collection of releases. Check with your favorite store to find out what’s available. And if you want to see the list of titles, well, yeah, you can find that on our site too,

Are you heading out in the afternoon to the store? Chances are you can expect to find bands, food, prizes, and a great party going on, no matter where you are. There are hundreds of in-store events and signings, from local band marathons to bar-b-qs and special signings with some really big name artists. Check with your local store to find out what kind of party they’ve got planned.

Not sure where to go? Travelling this weekend? We can help you find a place wherever you are, just try the STORE LOCATOR on our website, or download our new RSD GUIDE APP, available for fancy iPhones and Droids. You can check out all the videos, contests and everything you’ll find on our website, as well as have a handy portable STORE LOCATOR which will help you find the nearest record stores, no matter where you are. is where you need to start.

If you’re heading out at any time during the weekend to celebrate Record Store Day with your favorite store, we thank you. And if you want to hang out throughout the year, follow us on Twitter (@recordstoreday) or friend us on Facebook ( and we’ll give you the scoop on cool things happening all year long. There are three elements to any good record store, the staff, the music, and YOU. Record Store Day celebrates you as much as anything, so come on out and meet us at the record store. Let’s celebrate!


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