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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

IRON MAIDEN Vinyl Picture Discs Coming Soon!

A series of special limited edition IRON MAIDEN vinyl picture disc albums are due to be released by EMI and UMe starting in October 2012. Comprised of the first eight albums of Maiden’s career, all released in the 1980’s, each picture disc will be packaged in a gatefold sleeve with full colour printed inner bags and the heavyweight vinyl will be cut from the original album master tapes.

The albums will be released chronologically between October and February, starting with ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Killers’ on 15 October 2012 followed by ‘The Number Of The Beast’ and ‘Piece Of Mind’ in November 2012.

To open the new year ‘Powerslave’ and the double album ‘Live After Death’ will be released in January, with the final two titles, ‘Somewhere In Time’ and ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ coming out in February 2013.

These vinyl picture discs are being released to commemorate IRON MAIDEN’s current Maiden England tour which comprises largely 80’s material, in particular focussing on the ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ album.

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Senses Fail To Release LP 'Still Searching' On Vinyl 

Senses Fail have recently announced the vinyl release of their 2006 album called, 'Still Searching' which will be available for sale now exclusively on their new webstore.

Only 1000 pieces will be created with just 200 on red and black swirl vinyl available through the band’s webstore (which also debuts exclusive designs and new items from the band). 800 copies of the LP will be available on Coke bottle clear and sold exclusively through Hot Topic beginning October 16.

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WOO are Mark and Clive Ives, who in the 1980s in England made a pair of addictively appealing yet largely unknown records. Their second, IT’S COSY INSIDE, released in 1989, qualifies as some of the most uniquely organic electronic music ever made.

When WOO first began recording their relaxing and mysterious mood music in the 1970s, they used electronically treated acoustic instruments to create a sort of pop music for another universe. WOO have made music for more than 35 years now, much of it specifically designed for healing and meditation, while somehow entirely sidestepping the creative vortex of modern new age music. WOO aren’t distinctly any one thing, but we’re certain you’ll be hard pressed not to enter into a happy and somewhat mysterious meditative state upon listening to IT’S COSY INSIDE.

The album’s original publisher Independent Project Records put it best: “IT’S COSY INSIDE is as appropriate a title as could be for this collection of playfully unique instrumentals...

“Only Mark and Clive Ives, as WOO, seem to be able to effortlessly combine elements of English Folk Music, Jazz, Electronic Experimentalism, bits of playful easy listening, and now in this latest release, an occasional electronic reggae shuffle. Their music is fun, serious, adventurous, smoky, eerie, pretty, uplifting, a beehive of activity, joyful, and loving. IT’S COSY INSIDE takes you there all in one snug package.”

ITS COSY INSIDE Track Listing:
1.      Into
2.      The Western
3.      Water Drum
4.      Downtown Suburbia
5.      Upside Down
6.      Wallpaper
7.      Purple Pussy
8.      It’s Cosy Inside
9.      BB….!
10.     The Bird
11.     No Man’s Land
12.     Marion
13.     Did You See
14.     Final Card
15.     No More Telly
16.     End of the Attic
17.     Overheard

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Smash Mouth Readying September 4th Release Of All New Album "MAGIC"

Exclusive Promotions On and Huffington Post Set To Run This Week, First Single "Magic" Heading for Top 20 On Mainstream AC Chart

Smash Mouth, the band that gave you crazy memorable hits like "All Star," "Walkin' On The Sun," "Then the Morning Comes" and "I'm A Believer" among many others, is readying the release of MAGIC, their debut all new album for 429 Records which will be available September 4th.  Two notable promotions have been set up for this week to whet the appetite for the release— will host an exclusive "First Listen" of the track "Flippin' Out" beginning August 28th and the Huffington Post will offer a free exclusive download of the remix of the first single "Magic" (a bonus track unavailable anywhere else).  The band is headed for another monster radio smash with the single "Magic" as it is headed for the Top 20 on the mainstream AC Radio Mediabase Chart.  The band consists of original members Steve Harwell (vocals), Paul Delisle (Bass) and Mike Klooster (keyboards).  Rookie players this time around are Randy Cooke (drums) and Mike Krompass (guitar).  Krompass in fact, also helmed the producer's mantle (having worked with Nelly Furtado and David Archuleta) capturing the quintessential Smash Mouth party sound as well as helping to take them to the next level.  The band will spend the rest of 2012 touring behind the new project as well as promoting the release of their rock and roll cookbook—"RECIPES FROM THE ROAD."  "MAGIC" will be released on September 4th on 429 Records.

The release of the album and single are perfectly in tune with the band's reputation for being the "sound of summer."  From their debut in 1997 when the smash hit "Walkin' On The Sun" (played by KROQ before any label deal) powered their album "Fush Yu Mang" to double platinum sales, the band has scored hit after hit worldwide.  Smash Mouth has toured extensively with notable stops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay where they entertained U.S. troops.

Says Steve Harwell: "We're so excited to start performing some of the new songs off of this album. We've got so many hits on this new record, it's ridiculous! So get ready for some serious "Magic" this summer! Me and the guys will be bringing the party - Fun in the Sun style..."

"MAGIC" Track Listing:

1. Perfect Planet
2. Live To Love Another Day
3. Magic (featuring J-Dash)
4. Justin Bieber
5. Out Of Love
6. Flippin' Out (Featuring J-Dash)
7. Future X Wife
8. Better With Time
9. The Game
10. She's Into Me
11. Don't You Forget About Me

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Yip Yip Set For Vinyl Release Of Their New Album


YIP YIP is set to release it’s seventh record, 'Bone Up,' on vinyl October 9th, 2012. The vinyl release is set for 200 copies. The vinyl release comes  after the Digital, CD and Cassette Tape release of Bone Up in late 2011. This is the first full length release for Glowmobile Records out of Orlando, Florida. The 16 track record will be available online only while supplies last.

Yip Yip’s release of “Bone Up” marks the 10 year anniversary of Orlando’s critically acclaimed freak-chic, costumed electronic heroes. “Bone Up” is Yip Yip’s attempt at writing original, catchy, fun pop songs you wanna poke with a stick on repeat. Yip Yip’s zany style of music makes this sort of behavior a regular occurrence amongst Yip Yip fans, which in this case is a totally good thing.

The album is chock full of toy synthesizer sounds, massively tweaked Moog synthesizer leads, and filtered vocals all which conglomerate together to create a thrilling organic blend of vintage electronic music (using hardware instruments), mixed with the nerdy and spazzy musings of legendary nerd punk icons Devo, and others avant-underground legends Melt-Banana and Atari Teenage Riot just to name a few.

Yip Yip is a band (2-piece) with a unique personality and identity, which makes them standout from ego-centric laptop wizards, and overly pretentious trust fund kids who make a few recordings and call it a day. “Bone Up” is the rousing first track on the album which starts the record off with a bang.
Everything has been done before, nothing is totally original. Yip Yip encourages us to “Analyze and Dissect it instead because we are all copycats.” This is a valid point which isn’t new to anyone these days, but it makes for a hell of a dance song filled with bouncy synthesizers, funky saxophones, with a mind numbingly infectious repetitive vocal hook on a smart pop song. - Chris Big Money (Butter Yo Bread)

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NEUROSIS Reveal Album Cover Art For New LP

The album cover art has been revealed for 'Honor Found In Decay,' the tenth studio album by Neurosis with a North American release date on October 30th.

Neurosis forged the songs on 'Honor Found In Decay' with Steve Albini, marking their fifth collaboration with the engineer in their longstanding relationship. Their monolithic sound captured at Electrical Audio studios, Chicago, the seven tracks were then mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, California.


Trey Anastasio Reveals Album Cover Art, Pre-Order Details

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio has revealed the tracklist, album cover art and pre-order information for his upcoming album called, 'Traveler.' The effort is slated for release on October 16 via Rubber Jungle/ATO. 

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