Monday, September 3, 2012

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine (triple vinyl)

Recorded over three nights in Rome as part of a promotional tour for the band's 1996 album Signify, Coma Divine was Porcupine Tree's first ever official live album.

This Kscope triple vinyl edition of the album features bonus tracks not included on the original 1997 cd release, including the early classics, Radioactive Toy and Up The Downstair.

3 x heavyweight (180gm) vinyl in a box with a 12 page 12" book

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album cover art of the day:

FAREWELL TO ARMS Reveals New Album Cover Art

German metallers FAREWELL TO ARMS will release their debut album, "Perceptions", on November 23 via Massacre Records. The effort was recorded at Weltraumstudios in Munich with producer Corni Bartels and features guest vocals from THE SORROW's guitarist/vocalist Mathias "M├Ątze" Schlegel. 


album cover art of the day, part 2:

Nominon Reveals Vinyl Record Release
Swedish old school death metallars Nominon have recently issued an announcement about releasing their new album:

 "The moment we are all waiting so eagerly for will soon be here. Of course we're talking about the release of the fifth Nominon album 'The Cleansing' (Deathgasm Records). The cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano has been floating around a bit on the net for some reason, but unfortunately it was not the finalized version. Below you can take a look at the RIGHT version of 'The Cleansing' once and for all, ENJOY!

 "The exact release date is still to be set, it all depends on how much time the manufacturing of the LP vinyl will take?! The label and the band have decided to wait and release the LP and the CD at the same time, just for the sake of it.

 "We can however reveal some further details about this coming storm. The LP will be released as a Gatefold one, the 250 first copies will come as a limited edition with a different colour on the vinyl (compared to the rest) as well as including a sew on patch. The first edition of the CD will be a Digipack version with a 12-page booklet. DEATHGASM RDS also plan to make a special die hard bundle including the LP / CD + T-shirt, yet more info on that particular version will follow later on. Here's the complete tracklist of 'The Cleansing:'


sad news from our friends at VintageVinylNews

Hal David (1921 - 2012)


from the great state of minnesota, 45 rpm records find a groove

The Dig: Dancing to a rare groove - In the age of iPods, two DJs are drawing people to the dance floor using hard-to-find vinyl 45s.


vinyl doing well in south dakota!

Couple share vinyl treasures in new record store


in the great state of indiana, a hometown record store!

John Bugg opens Heirloom Records on West Franklin Street


from the bay area in the US, some griity vinyl work being done!

SmartGuy Records: Garage and Punk Vinyl Releases From an Apartment in the Mission


for shits and giggles on a day off work:

Can you name the album covers acted out by the cast of Adventure Time?


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