Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

A new vinyl record site is emerging with some fantastic releases, they are called

So far, just a few releases, but with the upcoming schedule, you can see why they will be supplying quality vinyl for a long time!

The Dillards -  Wheatstraw Suite

Exhibit Records is proud to present:

The Dillards' blend between pop and bluegrass on this impeccable recording paved the way for a generation of country-rockers and folk-rockers, making it, arguably, their most influential album. Wheatstraw Suite is the fourth album by The Dillards, released in 1968 it's their first album to move away from their traditional bluegrass sound by using a full orchestra and occasional drums.

The Dillards had been experimenting for some time before they released this album, Rodney and Douglas Dillard, Dean Webb and Mitch Jayne made up one of America's premier bluegrass groups and by 1965, certain members began exploring other ideas. The band toured with The Byrds, (featuring future Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin), but Wheatstraw Suite was the first time they explored the new sound on a full length album. The album features seven original songs and six covers, the covers being drawn mostly from contemporary rock and pop musicians rather than traditionals. One of the tightest ensembles of all time, the Dillards perfected a brand of eclectic bluegrass-country-folk that has never been equaled. The songs all come together to form this masterpiece of great vocal harmonies and virtuosic banjo picking.

Rodney Dillard - vocals, guitar, dobro
Herb Pederson - vocals, banjo, guitar
Dean Webb - mandolin
Mitch Jayne - bass

Config: 180g/Classic board/wrap
Cat. #: eXLP-44064
UPC: 780014406417

Side One:
    I'll Fly Away (Albert E. Brumley)
    Nobody Knows (Mitch Jayne, Rodney Dillard)
    Hey Boys (The Dillards)
    The Biggest Whatever (Mitch Jayne, Rodney Dillard)
    Listen to the Sound (Herb Pedersen, Mitch Jayne)
    Little Pete (Herb Pedersen)
    Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin)

Side Two:
    Single Saddle (Arthur Altman, Hal David)
    I've Just Seen a Face (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
    Lemon Chimes (Bill Martin, Rodney Dillard)
    Don't You Cry (The Dillards)
    Bending the Strings (Allen Shelton)
    She Sang Hymns Out of Tune (Jesse Lee Kincaid)



sounds like a great time...

SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd 2013

Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg presents the Collect-i-Bowl Record Show!

 Our largest show ever! Over 40 dealer tables! 1,000's of rare and collectible records!!

 Plus DVD's, CD's and MORE! 2 full bars, Blue Ribbon food, DJ Uncle Mike, 16 bowling lanes... Something for everyone!


Brooklyn Bowl: 61 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211


Amoeba digitizes rare vinyl collection - putting a host of LPs online for digital download


cool, another record store in ohio!

New vinyl records store in Canton


video of record stores doing well in the great state of iowa

Vinyl records making a comeback


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