Monday, February 4, 2013

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

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in my inbox today, listened to a cut, quite catchy, give it a listen

Paper Pilots EP
CD / Flexi Disc / Digital
Jet Parts Records / UsedBinPop Music / Alpha Pup Distribution

First single "Lacksadaisical" from the forthcoming EP here

EP is available Feb. 5th!
In the grandest tradition of pop, Paper Pilots' sound is intently familiar. Sitting somewhere between the worlds of contemporary indie pop and '60s British rock music, Los Angeles arrival Justin David Bocchieri sets forth to revive classic songwriting by way of lush, grandiose arrangements and illustrated by lyrical waxing worthy of dialogue between Ringo Starr & Marc Bolan during Born To Boogie.

Aiming for the pristine melodic heights of The Zombies' Odyssey & Oracle, or Bacharach with a sense of psychedelia ala Revolver, with the lead off track "Lacksadaisical", their EP quickly moves into noisier territory through the kind of orchestrated rock inspired by early Scott Walker or Bowie and honed by The Last Shadow Puppets. The short journey touches down gently in the modern folk territory of Sondre Lerche, The Shins or even Belle & Sebastian, with the frail, but joyous crescendo of "My Home".

"Their first single Lacksadaiscal (that's on purpose, that title) and the B-side Catch the Lamplight Low give you an idea of where they're are headed. It's someplace good."

Paper Pilots EP is being released its own imprint Jet Parts Records in partnership with UsedBinPop Music / Alpha Pup Distribution.

Paper Pilots debut EP features contributions from drummer Stephen Edelstein (Caught A Ghost), bassist Ryan Hailey (Orlando Napier Band), lead guitar Evan Winsor (Bluegrass band, The Get Down Boys), and a first time behind the producer's desk for John Girgus (Ex-Sarah Records Aberdeen). It was recorded and mixed with Ulysses Noriega who has worked recently with The Wedding Present, The Mars Volta amongst many others. Musicianship shines with a production aesthetic somewhere between the golden age of the 1970s and all mod cons.

-Paper Pilots


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lovely write up about our beloved vinyl at the ny daily news:

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