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HIM - XX Two Decades Of Love Metal (Ltd Blue 2LP)

Last year HIM, the most successful Finnish band in the USA, celebrated 20 years by releasing a compilation album, "XX – Two Decades of Love Metal". This was the first compilation by the band that spanned their entire career. Th e celebratory compilation includes one new track and new video for "Strange World" – the first new song from HIM since 2010. Kevin Grivois known by the artist name Ké released the track in the 90s, and it’s one of the personal favorites of Ville Valo.

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heard from drew at and he has a band he wanted to share with the CVR blog and its readers, take a listen:


Taking the best elements of classic 90s alternative (massive hooks/upbeat choruses) and ditching the worst (mopey pretension/downtempo sludge), Australia's Emperors simultaneously pay homage to a bygone era while adding their own unique flavor. By embracing the power pop aesthetic of Weezer, Ash and Guided By Voices, Emperors' debut record Stay Frosty is ten tracks of unrelenting, yet instantly catchy and accessible rock. It's also remarkably straight-faced, in an era where garage/alternative throwback acts tend to rely more on ironic detachment and feedback over songcraft. "We're not trying to reinvent the wheel," says the band. "We're just trying to write memorable pop songs that we like and people can connect with."

Formed in Perth, Australia in 2010, Emperors quickly rose to prominence in the Australian music scene and have been steadily gaining an American following. The songwriting team of Adam Livingston and Greg Sanders proved to be fruitful as the band played the Big Day Out Festival as their 10th gig. Since then the band has released the critically acclaimed Sam EP and the recent debut LP Stay Frosty, containing the 2012 US iTunes Rock Song Of The Year "Be Ready When I Say Go." We went in with the goal of making an accessible indie rock album," says the band. "We were very conscious of making a record that doesn't let up and has no filler."

In regards to the album's unique title, the band maintains that it was a happy accident. "It's military slang for 'keep your cool' or 'stay calm and focused'. We heard it watching (the HBO miniseries) Generation Kill and thought it was a cool saying; nothing more to it than that,"

Don't be late to the party...check out Australia's best-kept secret: Emperors.


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not sure about this, heck of a comparison, time will tell if he's right

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album cover art of the day:

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album cover art of the day, part 2:

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