Monday, August 19, 2013

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

from our friends at relapse


This double LP comes housed in a stunning gatefold jacket with a matte varnish finish and includes two exclusive bonus tracks on a separate 2nd LP!

This deluxe version also includes
  • A 24” x 24” full color poster
  • A Download card for the entire deluxe version record
  • A spectacular 12” x 12” 3D lenticular print attached to the cover of the jacket!
  • Audio cut from high definition studio grade files!***
Order at Relapse


Cataloguing of house hoarder’s 250,000 record haul raising a buzz in the vinyl collectors’ world


super article about rediscovering the vinyl itch...

The Shuffle: Love that scratch

cool write up about our beloved vinyl and the players and parts

Photographing the House of Sound, Where Vinyl and Tubes Still Rule
our canadian friends also love their records!

Port Credit record store a beacon for vinyl connoisseurs

a generation ago, you may have heard of a little thing called woodstock, here ABC news captures a time of of love, music and a little bit of adventure (photo array)

The Characters of Woodstock


if you love psychedelic album covers, this is for you:

Celebrating Psychedelic and Pop Art in Album Covers


album cover art of the day:

Can We All Agree That This Is One Of The Greatest Album Covers Ever?

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