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New Music Releases - November 12, 2013

††† (Crosses) - †
3 Inches Of Blood - Live At Mushroom Vol. 1 (7")
3 Inches Of Blood - Live At Mushroom Vol. 2 (7")
3 Inches Of Blood - Live At Mushroom Vol. 3 (7")
Adrian Utley - In C (2xLP)
Age Coin - Perceptions (vinyl)
Albert Collins - Truckin' with Albert Collins
Aloa Input - Anysome (vinyl)
Alpaca - Demimonde
Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy (vinyl)
Andre Obin - The Arsonist Remixes
Anthony Green - Young Legs (deluxe edition)
Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess (A Grammar of Poetic Myth)(2xLP)
AWOLNATION - Megalithic Symphony (deluxe edition) (2xCD)
Bahru Kegne - The Legendary Bahru Kegne
Beatles - On Air: Live At The BBC Volume 2 (3xLP)
Black Tide - Bite The Bullet
Blue Rodeo - In Our Nature
Bobby Draino - Brain Drain (12')
Botanist | Palace Of Worms - Split (vinyl)
Breach - Breach DJ-Kicks (vinyl)
Brenda Holloway - The Artistry Of Brenda Holloway
Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise - The Axiom of Post Inhumanity (split)
Buddy Guy - This Is the Beginning: The Artistic Cobra & U.S.A.
Bun B - Trill O.G. The Epilogue
Cabaret Voltaire - #8385
Casey Neill and the Norway Rats - All You Pretty Vandals (vinyl)
Caspian - Hymn For The Greatest Generation
Cate Le Bon - Mug Museum
Chalachew Ashenafi and Ililta Band - The Legendary Gondar Azmari (1966-2012)
Chantal Acda - Let Your Hands Be My Guide (vinyl)
Chase and Status - Brand New Machine
Cherushii - Queen of Cups (12")
Chris Garneau - Winter Games
Cian Nugent - Born with the Caul (vinyl)
Circus Devils  When Machines Attack (vinyl)
Circus Devils - My Mind Has Seen the White Trick (vinyl)
Clarence Carter - Fame Singles, Volume 2 1970-73
Coke Weed - Back to Soft (vinyl)
Compound Eye - Journey From Anywhere (2xLP)
Computer Jay - Savage Planet Discotheque Vol. 2 (10")
Cooly G - Hold Me (12")
Counting Crows - Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow (vinyl)
Cowboy Junkies - The Kennedy Suite
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Clearwater Revival (6-disc box set)
Cronian - Erathems
Cupp Cave - NVMB (12")
Cyanide Pills - Apathy b/w Conspiracy Theory (7")
Cyanide Pills - Waiting (For You To Call Me) / Hooked On You (7")
Daedelus - Drown Out (vinyl)
Dark Funeral - Dark Funeral (reissue)
Dark Funeral - The Secrets Of The Black Arts (reissue)
Dark Funeral - Vobiscum Satanas (reissue)
David Lynch - Bad the John Boy (vinyl)
David Van Teighem Ten - Fits and Starts (vinyl)
deadmau5 - We Are Friends Vol. 2
Deep Purple - Audio Fidelity Collection (24k Limited Edition Box Set)
Demonical - Darkness Unbound
Denmark Vessey and Scud One - Cult Class
Donny Hathaway - Never My Love: The Anthology
Doug Benson - Gateway Doug
Duane Allman - Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective (Encore Edition) (7-disc box set)
Eddie Palmieri - Eddie Palmieri Is Doin’ It In The Park (vinyl)
Elvis Presley - King Creole (reissue) (vinyl)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live in Montreal 1977
Endstillee - Kapitulation 2013
ERAAS - Initiation
Erasure - Snow Globe
Evil Blizzard - The Dangers of Evil Blizzard (vinyl)
Exivious - Liminal
Flume - Flume (deluxe reissue)
Fluxion - Vibrant Forms (2xLP)
Freeway and The Jacka - Highway Robbery
Fruit Bats - Mouthfuls (reissue) (vinyl)
Gap Dream - Shine Your Light
Get Scared - Everyone's Out To Get Me
Glorior Belli - Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls
Goodiepal - Red Man K's Bedrifter - Goodiepal Live, Chapel Hill 2002 (2xLP)
Grace & Tony - November
Graph Rabbit - Comfortably Numb (vinyl)
Grizzly Bear - Shields B-Sides (12")
Grizzly Bear - Shields: Expanded (2xCD)
Heart Of A Coward - Severance
Heidecker & Wood - Some Things Never Stay The Same
Hellogoodbye - Everything Is Debatable (vinyl)
Herbie Hancock - The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988 (34-disc box set)
Hollow Sunshine - Held Above (vinyl)
Honeymoon Suite - Big Prize
Honeymoon Suite - Honeymoon Suite
Ikebe Shakedown - Tujunga Remixes (12")
ILLLS - Hideout From The Feeders
Index for Potential Suicide - Newest Youth Rebellion (vinyl)
Jacobites - Robespierre's Velvet Basement (vinyl)
James Ferraro - NYC, Hell 3:00 AM (vinyl)
Jen Kirkman - Hail to the Freaks (2xCD)
Jensen Sportag - Stealth of Days (12")
Jeremy Jay - Abandoned Apartments
Jhené Aiko - Sail Out
Jim O'Rourke - Old News #9 (2XLP)
Jimmy Buffett - 5 Classic Albums
John Davis - Spare Parts (2xLP)
John Hiatt - Here to Stay: Best of 2000-2012
John Mellencamp - 1982-1989 (5-disc box set)
John Talabot - John Talabot DJ-Kicks (2xLP)
Josephine Foster - I'm A Dreamer (vinyl)
Joy Mega - Forever Is Something Inside You
Justus Kohncke - Justus Kohncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band (2xLP+CD)
Kassin - Sonhando Devagar (vinyl)
Katey Sagal - Covered
Keane - The Best of Keane
Keller Williams - FUNK
Kid Tsunami - The Chase
Kiln - meadow:watt
KISS - 5 Classic Albums
Koudede - Guitars from Agadez Vol. 7 (12")
Lady Gaga - ARTPOP
Lamb of God - As the Palaces Burn (10th Anniversary Edition)
Laurel Halo - Chance Of Rain (vinyl)
Lee Camfield Miller and Scott Merzbow - No Closure
Less Than Jake - See the Light
Like Like The The The Death - Cave Jenny (vinyl)
Little Mix - Salute
Living Sacrifice - Ghost Thief
Livity Sound - Livity Sound (2xCD)
Lords of the New Church - Is Nothing Sacred?
Lords of the New Church - The Lords of the New Church
Lords of the New Church - The Methods to Our Madness
Los Campesinos! - No Blues (vinyl)
Louis Logic - Look On The Blight Side
Low Leaf - Unearthly (10")
Lynyrd Skynyrd - 5 Classic Albums
Majeure - Romance Language (vinyl)
Majical Cloudz - Turns Turns Turns (reissue) (12")
Man Must Die - Peace Was Never An Option
Mansions - Doom Loop (vinyl)
Manu Chao - Baionarena (3xLP)
Manu Chao - Clandestino (2xLP)
Manu Chao - La Radiolina (2xLP)
Manu Chao - Proxima Estacion: Esperenza (2xLP)
Manu Chao - Radio Bemba Sound System (2xLP)
Manu Chao - Siberie M'Etait Conteee (2xLP)
Marco Polo - Port Authority 2: The Director's Cut
Mark Pritchard - Make A Livin’ (EP)
Marvin Gaye - 5 Classic Albums
Mason Jennings - Always Been (vinyl)
Matt Gawa - Tambora
Matt Pryor - Wrist Slitter
Matthew De Gennaro - Chuang Tzu Motherfucker (vinyl)
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Under the Covers, Volume 3
Miles Davis - The Original Mono Recordings (9-CD box set)
Morphine - Good (vinyl)
Mount Eerie - Pre-Human Ideas
Nat Baldwin - Dome Branches: The MVP Demos (vinyl)
New Christy Minstrels - Merry Christmas! the Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings
Nikki Sudden - The Bible Belt (vinyl)
Nikki Sudden - Waiting On Egypt (vinyl)
No Bird Sing - Definition Sickness
Obliteration - Black Death Horizon
Omar Souleyman - Dabke 2020: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria (vinyl)
Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu (vinyl)
Pampers - Pampers (vinyl)
Patrick Higgins - String Quartet No.2 + Glacia (vinyl)
Paul F. Tompkins - Laboring Under Delusions: Live in Brooklyn (2xCD)
Penny Penny - Shaka Bundu (vinyl)
Pentagram Chile - The Malefice
Pestilence - Obsideo
Philip Perkins - Drive Time (vinyl)
Phill Niblock - Nothin to Look At Just a Record (vinyl)
Phish - Niagara Falls
Pierce The Veil - This Is A Wasteland (DVD)
Psapp - What Makes US Glow
Reba McEntire - 5 Classic Albums
Recondite - Hinterland (vinyl)
Redbone - The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
Rene Hell - Vanilla Call Option (vinyl)
Rhys Chatham - Harmonie du soir (vinyl)
Ricardo Tobar - Treillis (2xLP)
Rival Schools - United By Fate (vinyl)
Roger Eno - Little Things Left Behind (1988-1998) (2xCD)
Rolling Stones - Sweet Summer Sun – Live at Hyde Park (3xLP+DVD)
Ron Morelli - Spit (vinyl)
Rudimentary Peni - Archaic (reissue)(vinyl)
Ry Cooder - 1970-1987 (11-disc box set)
Saada Bonaire - Saada Bonaire (vinyl)
Sam Langhorn - The Gospel According to Sam (vinyl)
Sammy Kershaw - Sammy Kershaw Big Hits Volume One
Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - Yours To Discover
Sebastien Tellier - Confection (vinyl)
Sheryl Crow - 5 Classic Albums
Shinedown - The Studio Album Collection
Solstafir - I Blodi Og Anda (2xCD)
Songs - Ohia – Magnolia Electric Company Co. (deluxe reissue) (vinyl)
Soviet Soviet - Fate (vinyl)
State Faults - Resonate/Desperate (vinyl)
Syl Johnson - Back for A Taste of Your Love (vinyl)
Temple of Baal - Verses Of Fire
Temptations - 5 Classic Albums
The Acacia Strain - Above/Below (7")
The Bo-Keys fet. Percy Wiggins - I Need More Than One Lifetime EP (7")
The Bo-Keys fet. Percy Wiggins - The Dark End of the Street EP (7")
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bringing It All Back Home Again
The Chills - Somewhere Beautiful (3xLP)
The Growlers - Gilded Pleasures (EP) (vinyl)
The Higher State - The Higher State (vinyl)
The Hunt - The Hunt Begins (vinyl)
The Killers - Direct Hits
The Misfits - Descending Angel (12")
The Ocean - Collective Oblivion (3xDVD)
The Purist - TR-ill (vinyl)
The Servants - Small Time and Hey Hey We're the Manques (2xLP)
The Student Teachers - Invitation To...
The Thing - Boot! (vinyl)
The Thing - Mono (2xLP)
The Who - Tommy (remastered and expanded 4-disc box set)
The Wytches - Crying Clown (7")
Throwing Muses - Purgatory/Paradise
Tindersticks - Across Six Leap Years
Title Fight - Spring Songs (EP)
Toe - Songs, Ideas We Forgot (vinyl)
Tom Diabo - Dark Star (vinyl+7")
Trampled By Turtles - Live at First Avenue (vinyl)
Troum - Syzygie
Vaadat Charigim - The World Is Well Lost
Various Artists - Americana 2 - Rock Your Soul (2xLP)
Various Artists - Book a Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records
Various Artists - Funky Christmas
Various Artists - Inside Llewyn Davis OST
Various Artists - Metal Xmas (2xLP)
Various Artists - Mountains of Tongues: Musical Dialects from the Caucasus (vinyl)
Various Artists - Paink: French Punk Anthems 1975-1982 (vinyl)
Various Artists - Peru Maravilloso (2xLP)
Various Artists - Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound (4xLP+Book)
Various Artists - Saint Heron (vinyl)
Various Artists - Songs For Slim: Rockin' Here Tonight - A Benefit Compilation For Slim Dunlap
Various Artists - Soul Jazz Records presents: New Orleans Funk 3 (vinyl)
Vastum - Patricidal Lust
Vaura - The Missing
Veil Of Maya - Subject Zero
Vex Ruffin - Vex Ruffin (vinyl)
Walking Papers - Walking Papers (vinyl)
Way Through - Clapper Is Still (vinyl)
Waylon Jennings - Honky Tonk Heroes (vinyl)
Weekend Nachos - Still
White Manna - Dune Worship (vinyl)
William Parker - Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (8xCD)
Wooden Shjips - Back to Land (vinyl)
Worriers - Cruel Optimist (12")
Wreck and Reference - No Youth (PRE-ODER) (vinyl)
X Ray Pop - Ding Dong Songs
Yeasayer - Live at 9:30 Club (vinyl)
YOB - Catharsis (10th Anniversary)

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