Friday, August 22, 2008

New Vinyl Stamp? The News Is Good!!

I talked with my vinyl friend, Gary Freiberg yesterday( and have some exciting news to pass along:

Vinyl Record Day (VRD), Founder Gary J. Freiberg has announced the United States Postal Service has accepted Freiberg's proposal for a full review and consideration by the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee to issue a First Class stamp series commemorating the vinyl record. The advisory Committee is responsible for making stamp subject recommendations to the Postmaster General.

"The intent for the stamp series is to raise awareness that we need to preserve our audio history that is available only on the vinyl record and to educate the public on the importance of preserving individual record collections. The RIAA has estimated only five percent of all recordings have been transferred to compact disc or other digital formats. There are a countless number of recordings that will never be transferred to other formats because it is not economically feasible for record companies to reissue releases that will not have commercial support. What many term are "old records" time has turned into audio historical documents, issuing a stamp series would be a major contribution to heightening the public's awareness of the importance of preserving the audio and visual history of the vinyl record." said Freiberg.

If adopted the series would be issued in 2011. Though final decision has not been made Freiberg is encouraged as the initial positive response from the manager of Stamp Development was made in less than a week. Freiberg will keep me informed when new information is available. In the meanwhile check out and help support vinyl's preservation.

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