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Michael Jackson Thriller on Vinyl LP Record

Michael Jackson's album Thriller was his sixth studio album. It has sold over 100 million copies. It was released on November 30, 1982 on the Epic Records label, a division of Columbia records. There were 7 top ten singles and it won 8 grammy awards. It was 1 of 3 albums to stay on the top 10 for over a year.

It featured guests like Paul McCartney on their duet The Girl Is Mine, Eddie Van Halen doing a guitar solo on Beat It, Vincent Price doing a voice over on Thriller and his sisters Janet & Latoya singing backup on PYT (pretty young thing)

The original vinyl jacket had a gatefold cover with a picture of Michael laying down on the front and inside with a baby Tiger. The inner vinyl sleeve was white with a drawing of Michael & Paul struggling with a girl like she is a wishbone on one side. The other side had a drawing of a couple watching TV while monsters like Frankenstein and others were all around them.

In 2001, the album was re-released titled Thriller: Special Edition and in 2008, a deluxe 25th anniversary version was released with extra tracks.

1.I Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
2.Baby Be Mine
3.The Girl Is Mine with Paul McCartney
5.Beat It (single version) with Eddie Van Halen on guitar
6.Billie Jean (single version
7.Human Nature
8.P.Y.T. (pretty young thing)
9.The Lady In My Life
10.Vincent price exerpt
11.The Girl is Mine 2008 with
12.P.Y.T. 2008
13.Wanna Be Startin' Something 2008
14.Beat It 2008 with Fergie
15.Billie Jean 2008 with Kanye West
16.For All Time (unreleased track from the original Thriller sessions
17.Got the Hots (released only in Japan

After Michael Jackson's death Thriller set additional records. Songs from Thriller also helped Jackson to become the first act to sell over 1 million song downloads in a week.

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Vinyl's uptick is evident in sales of old and new records

By Brett Johnson

Almost a decade into the 21st century, Scott Freeman plunked down his money at the Record Outlet register in Thousand Oaks and walked out clutching two pieces of prized, ancient booty.

It was as if the Simi Valley teen had stepped into a time warp. There in his hands were Harry Chapin’s 1974 album “Verities & Balderdash” and a Pink Floyd “Echoes” compilation album, both on vinyl. There wasn’t a cell phone, MP3 player or computer anywhere in sight.

“It’s better than digital stuff,” said the 18-year-old Freeman, who is studying film at Moorpark College. “It’s not as compressed. It’s better quality. Sure, you are sacrificing portability and convenience, but on vinyl, there’s also more of a connection to the artist. ... It’s something we never grew up with; it’s something new for us.”

Vinyl, that retro darling from a few years ago, is still riding the surge, remaining popular with everyone from young people to high-end audiophiles willing to pay $300 to $800 for a pristine-sounding record. Vinyl shipments more than doubled from about $23 million in 2007 to almost $57 million last year, its highest level since 1990, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Market players have noticed. Internet retail giant has had a vinyl-only music section since fall 2007. Now, when huge acts such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen or the Dave Matthews Band release new material, it also comes out on vinyl.

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Vinyl Is Groovy Again

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