Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Music News

New Jim O'Rourke Album, Visitor, Releases August 31 on Drag City

A disco ball melting into a kitchen chair seems appropriate enough cover art for the eclectic Jim O’Rourke’s new album, set to release on August 31. He is also a guitarist, mixer, experimentalist and producer, but this Drag City release will spotlight his songwriting. It is his first release on the label since 2001, when he released I’m Happy, And I’m Singing, And a 1,2,3,4. The new album is entitled Visitor, and is more of the instrumental vein according to the label. It consists of a single track.

O’Rourke was a bassist and guitarist for Sonic Youth, and he also helped with Wilco’s legendary Yankee Foxtrot Hotel. He has worked with Thurston Moore, Joanna Newsom, Smog, Beth Orton, Merzbow and Fennesz. He recorded Visitor from Tokyo, where he lives.


Vinyl Collective Update


THE FLAMING TSUNAMIS “Zombies Vs Robots” LP green/grey vinyl

THE FLAMING TSUNAMIS “Zombies Vs Robots” LP collector’s edition green/grey vinyl

Asbestos just sent us a box of records including some Two Cow/Jr Jugg under the influence 7″s which were accidentally shipped to him. In that box are records from The Flaming Tsunamis who I here were Connecticut’s ska-core kings. This is a vinyl re-issue of “Zombies vs Robots” and you can either get the green/grey vinyl (pictured) which is out of an edition of 300 copies or you can purchase the collector’s edition which has 1 record on green, 1 record on grey and there are 2 different silk-screeened covers (one of a zombie, one of a robot). Flood tells me that we are the only retailers selling these sets and we have 7 sets coming. Check em out. We should have vinyl by mid week next week.

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Great Marketing Plan, I Say Boycott EMI

EMI Spurns Independent Record Stores

The music giant EMI is attempting to solve its financial difficulties by, um, selling its product to fewer places. Independent record stores have received calls from EMI, whose website lists Darius Rucker as a "Breakthrough Artist," telling them that if they want to stock EMI merchandise they will have to turn to third parties. This added expense will keep EMI albums off more shelves at indie outlets, which tend to cater to fans fetishistic enough to actually want to purchase a physical object that contains music.

This counterintuitive move may make sense to those more familiar with the distribution costs of global companies, but it doubles down on the industry's already failing strategy of dictating buying habits and taste to consumers who are willing and able to find their own way.

Yeah, this will work......


Kyp Malone Prepares Solo Album

If you listened to TV on the Radio's latest, "Dear Science," it certainly seemed like guitarist Kyp Malone's voice was in the forefront of that album's tracks a lot more than he was for "Return to Cookie Mountain." It looks like Malone's not done singing lead because in the fall he'll be releasing the self-titled debut album for his solo project, "Rain Machine." So far, he's basically just working with awesome album art, but any album whose cover bears women with flaming lion vaginas is usually worth at least a quick listen.

Rain Machine is out on Anti- Sept. 22. Here's the album art.


iTunes goes retro with digital 45s

As a throwback to the old days of the two-song 45 rpm vinyl record, the iTunes Store launched a new “D45” section yesterday, featuring discounted prices on packs of two digital song downloads.

Just like old 45s, the iTunes D45 selection includes a popular single accompanied by a B-side song. Prices on the D45s range from $1.49 to $1.99.

“iTunes is bringing this concept to a new age with D45s – two great tracks at an equally great price,” the iTunes Store reads.

Music company EMI announced Tuesday that the release of D45s marks the 60th anniversary of the 45 single record.

The digital bundles will be sold exclusively by iTunes through July 27. After that, they will be available for purchase from “all major digital service providers.”

“More than 35 digital singles will launch the campaign,” the EMI press release states, “including original 45 single A-sides and B-sides and top hits by Coldplay, David Bowie, R.E.M., Poison, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dean Martin, Duran Duran, Nat King Cole, Blondie, and Billy Idol, among others.”

The D45 section represents another opportunity for record labels to to restructure pricing on music sold on the iTunes Store. Last year, through negotiations, the record companies leveraged flexibility on pricing.

Then, earlier this year, Apple removed restrictive digital rights management fingerprints from all of the songs it sells, allowing consumers greater flexibility as well.

" Just like the old 45's" One thing, IT"S NOT A 45RPM RECORD- DON'T MARKET IT AS BEING ONE, Here are some 45 RPM records.......Duh !

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