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Music Record Shop Weekly

Welcome to the new weekly feature (look for it every Friday) called MusicRecordShop Weekly.   Here we take a look at new releases and some hard to find vinyl that will easily satisfy even the most serious record collectors.  Here are three vinyl deals that will get any record collectors attention. 

Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Vinyl 2-LP Import 2013 (PRE-ORDER 5-27)

The 6th studio album of Dream Theater is a concept album in its truest form. As the title implies, the albums contains six songs, each dealing with a facet of inner struggle. Themes like alcoholism, loss of faith and self isolation are dealt with in a true virtuoso manner. The second disc contains one 42-minute long song, divided over two sides, telling six stories about various mental illnesses like autism and schizophrenia. This album has never been issued on vinyl before - Music On Vinyl has the distinct honour to present this masterpiece on 180 gram audiophile vinyl!
  • Release date: 05/27/2013
  • Merchant SKU: LAFMOV2926
  • Label Music On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Records - 2-LP - Sealed
  • First vinyl issue ever!
  • Insert
1. The Glass Prison
2. Blind Faith
3. Misunderstood
4. The Great Debate

1. Disappear
2. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (part 1)
I. Overture
II. About To Crash
III. War Inside My Head
IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
3. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (part 2)
V. Goodnight Kiss
VI. Solitary Shell
VII. About To Crash (Reprise)
VIII. Losing Time / Grand Finale

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Mother Love Bone - Mother Love Bone

Vinyl 2-LP Import 2013

When grunge took off in the early nineties, mainstream interest raised in a Seattle based band that had already ceased to exist but was very important in the formation process of Pearl Jam. Mother Love Bone was founded in 1988 by future Pearl Jam's guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament as an outlet for their Punk and Glam urges - citing Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin as their main influences. The band's promising career was primarily cut short by the tragic death of vocalist Andrew Wood in 1990, after having released just one EP called Shine. More material from studio recordings with Wood was released as the Apple album. Riding Pearl Jam's band wagon in 1992, Mother Love Bone was released as a combination of both releases - holding itself together as a seminal album with two bonus tracks: "Capricorn Sister" and "Lady Godiva Blues". First 1500 copies are pressed on heavy weight purple vinyl!
  • Label Music On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Records - 2-LP - Sealed
  • Limited Edition - 1500
  • Colored Vinyl - Purple
  • First Vinyl Issue Ever
  • Poster + Lyric Sheets
1. This Is Shangri-La
2. Stardog Champion
3. Holy Roller
4. Bone China
5. Come Bite The Apple
6. Stargazer
7. Heartshine
8. Captain Hi-Top
9. Man of Golden Words
10. Capricorn Sister

1. Gentle Groove
2. Mr. Danny Boy
3. Crown of Thorns
4. Thru Fade Away
5. Mindshaker Meltdown
6. Half Ass Monkey Boy
7. Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns
8. Capricorn Sister (Shine Version)
9. Lady Godiva Blues

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Stone Temple Pilots - Purple Vinyl Record

Import 2013 (PRE-ORDER 6-17)

Purple is the second studio album released by the Stone Temple Pilots. The album, building on the foundations laid by the band's debut album Core (soon to be released by MOV) was a huge success for the band, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling over six million copies worldwide. The album's style sees an expansion of the band's sound. They shifted to a more alternative rock-style, incorporating some psychedelic and southern rock influences. It produced a number of successful singles a.o. "Vasoline", "Interstate Love Song" and "Big Empty". Music On Vinyl is proud to add this legendary name to their catalogue. Be quick because the first 1500 copies will be gone in the blink of an eye.
  • Label Music On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Record - LP - Sealed
  • Limited Edition - 1500
  • Colored Vinyl - Purple
  • Hand Numbered
  • Four Page Insert
Side 1
1. Meatplow
2. Vaseline
3. Lounge Fly
4. Interstate Love Song
5. Still Remains
6. Pretty Penny

Side 2
1. Silvergun Superman
2. Big Empty
3. Unglued
4. Army Ants
5. Kitchenware and Candybars

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Musicology 101

Let's have a little fun, so here are some rock and roll nuggets so you can win at music trivia games and become a top musicologist!

Because so many special effects and studio musicans had been used record "This Diamond Ring," Gary Lewis And The Playboys could not re-create their sound when they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. In compromise, Lewis sang along with pre-recorded tracks as the Playboys pretended to play their instruments.

The largest group to ever have a hit record on the Billboard Top 40 was The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The 375 voice ensemble reached #13 with "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" in 1959.

The real name of the theme song from the TV show Jeopardy is "Think Music," written by the show's creator, Merv Griffin, who has collected millions of dollars in royalties from the tune since the show went on the air in 1964.

Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" has been recorded by over 900 other artists. Co-writer Keith Reid told the website that he came up with the title after overhearing someone at a party saying to a woman, "You've turned a whiter shade of pale."

Vocalist Peter Kraemer of Sopwith Camel had actually suggested the name "Sopwith Camel" for another newly formed group, but they passed on it and decided on Big Brother and The Holding Company.

Roy Orbison's million selling, #2 hit, "Only The Lonely" was rejected by both Elvis Presley and The Everly Brothers.

As a child, Brian Wilson's mother told him that dogs could pick up vibrations from people, so that a dog would bark at "bad vibrations." In 1966, Wilson turned that idea into The Beach Boys' number one hit "Good Vibrations".

The title of the Hollies 1969 hit "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" was first used as the title of a column in Kiwanis Magazine, published by Roe Fulkerson in 1924. The phrase later became associated with Father Edward J. Flanagan, the founder of Boys Town, who came across a drawing, created by Van B. Hooper, of a young boy carrying his brother in the Christmas 1941 edition of the Louis Allis Messenger. The caption read "He ain't heavy Mister — he's m' brother!" With permission from the magazine, the phrase became the motto of Boys Town.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is most often associated with the song "Sweet Home Alabama", but the band was actually formed in Jacksonville, Florida.

Roger Daltrey's stuttering delivery on The Who's recording of "My Generation" is said to have come about because he had not rehearsed the song prior to the recording and was unable to hear his own voice through the monitors. Daltrey tried to fit the lyrics to the music as best he could, and the band decided the stammering worked well enough to keep. The BBC initially refused to play "My Generation" because it did not want to offend people who stutter, but reversed its decision after the song soared to #2 on the UK charts.


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