Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The CVR Blog Welcomes A New Advertiser RockArtPictureShow

We would like to welcome a new advertiser to the CVR blog, an old friend in vinyl, Gary and his site 

What is Rock Art Picture Show?  Just the best way to frame and display album cover art and picture discs.  In fact, I am looking at my frames on the wall by my computer station, an old Little Richard LP and the Beatles' Sgt Pepper pic disc.  In my music room I have more framed art.  I'll let Gary explain his concept:

"There's two primary reasons our patented Record Album Frame is the Record Album Frame chosen by the Smithsonian, Home & Garden TV, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and thousands of album frame Internet purchasers:

It's our look - our matted patented album frame simply creates a sleek looking album frame display unlike the ordinary clip album frames.

The Rock Art Picture Show Record Album Frame does not use clips to press LP's into place, just slide your LP into our acrylic Record Album Frame to easily matte and frame your record album cover instantly.

Our Record Album Frame does more than just hang an album cover on the wall, our sleek album frame displays cover art as contemporary art with class and style.  Additionally, this is the only Record Album Frame offered at The Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame gift shop and The Smithsonian selected us for exhibit purposes."

So, stop by the site and look around, these are the perfect gift for Father's Day or birthdays or anytime you want to show some love to the music lover in your life!  Go to RockArtPictureShow

RockArtPictureShow has also launched a Facebook Page HERE and Pinterest boards HERE
(I am helping with these sites, stop on by!!)

Stop on by all three sites and be wowed by the art and history of rock and roll!!

HINT - Look for something special from RockArtPictureShow and the CVR blog next week!!

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